Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Year Yet

This year has been so wonderful! We found out we were pregnant January 8th and is the best news we've ever received! 

This year has been full of baby talk, baby clothes, baby room, baby shower, baby giggles, everything BABY! 2012 was so good to us :) 

Here is Keigan's first picture in 2012 (7 weeks pregnant):

Here is Keigan's last picture of 2012 (4 1/2 months): 

I'm looking forward to 2013 just as much because we will have lots of baby firsts! Keigan will be eating fruits and veggies real soon, she will be sitting up, crawling, walking, talking, eating real (adult) food, her first birthday, and the list can go on and on. 
I will also be graduating (finally!) in December which I'm looking forward to! 
We will be spending our New Year's Eve with family in sweatpants playing games and eating lots of unhealthy food! I hope everyone has a fun & safe New Year! 
See ya in 2013!!! 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Night One: Fail

Night one of sleeping in her crib was a fail. I thought I was ready, I thought she was ready, I got her room ready ( space heater, sound machine, monitor..) but we I wasn't ready. I went out yesterday to pick up a small space heater because her room is pretty chilly and I wanted a sound machine since our room has a lot of background noise. We got it all set up, put her to bed at 9:45 and we went to bed shortly after. First of all, the video monitor freaks me out! I was watching her and it reminded me of a scary movie and I was waiting for something to move (Dave wouldn't watch either considering her covers mine and and his eyes when a scary movie commercial comes on TV). Second, I started worrying about the heater. I read all of the warnings for it and it said to not leave unattended, freaking out at this point. Dave spoke up and he said he didn't like her in there with the heater either. So I jumped up and brought her in our room. She lasted about 10-15 minutes at the most in her crib. Maybe one day I will grow up and be okay with her sleeping in her own room.. One day. 

The funny thing about all of this is while I was pregnant I was adamant about her sleeping in her own room. Now look at me.. There's just something soothing about her sleeping in our room. 

We will try again eventually :) 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

19 Weeks

Well, another week came and went. This was the fastest week yet. You really LOVE your thumb these days and I can't seem to get you to stop. Don't get me wrong, it's super cute when you go to town on it but it's easier to wean you from a bink rather than your thumb because we can't really take your thumb away. 

You are getting closer from rolling from your back to belly and you are giggling more now. Last week when we got your Christmas pictures taken, you threw your head back and was giggling at the photographer! Cutest thing EVER! I'm looking forward to many more laughs!!
We had your very first Christmas this week, not that you'll remember but I made sure to take lots of pictures for you to look back on. You slept as soon as we started opening gifts Christmas morning until we finished. You also took a nap in the afternoon while we were at my grandmas. 

We are planning on starting to put you in your crib through the night this weekend, I'm a little nervous to be honest! I'm really hoping it goes well. 

I'm looking forward to starting the new year and all of the exciting things it will bring (your first words, first steps, etc..) but I have to start back to school on the 14th and I'm already freaking out about leaving you! Ugh! 
I love you baby doll!! 
Xoxo, Momma
I told you you like your thumb!!


Keigan's Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year!! Keigan got completely spoiled by everyone! It was a day filled with family and she got all kinds of love.

She got her own Pottery Barn Kids chair with her name embroidered on it, a build-a-bear made by her Uncle Brady, lots of adorable clothes, toys and her very own share of Stock with McDonald's, super cool!! 

Dave got me a video camera so I can film all of Keigan's milestones in the upcoming months! He's the sweetest ;)

Our day was packed but I wouldn't change it for anything. I love spending time with all of our family. I would say Keigan's first Christmas was a success!! 

Here are a few  pictures of our day..

Our little family of three

Keigan's own chair from my mom


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Christmas Schedule

Our Christmas traditions will be a little different than years past because this year we have our precious Keigan to make special traditions with! 

Christmas Eve:
My family always has a Christmas Eve party with appetizers and tastey drinks and of course, games! I think I look forward to Christmas Eve the most! I love my family, yummy food, tastey drinks and games, so what's not to love?! Since Dave and I have been married, we have slept over at my parents and spent Christmas morning with my mom, dad, sister and her boyfriend. In my opinion, the more, the merrier! But this year, we will be coming home Christmas Eve night to wake up to our own tree with Keigan!

Christmas Day: 
My parents, sister and her boyfriend are coming to our house Christmas morning. I love me some breakfast foods so I'm excited for our breakfast menu!! Our Christmas breakfast will consist of: Belgian waffles, pancakes, bacon, cinnamon rolls and mimosas! :)

Our day is jam packed (& is quite exhausting!) until late evening Christmas night. After we open our gifts here, we go to Dave's grandparents to spend time with them and his dad around 11. Then my family does a lunch and we have our gift exchange at 1pm. After we finish with that, we go to Dave's moms for dinner and gift exchange at 4pm. By the time we leave there, we are exhausted and come home and crash. I'm anxious to see how Keigan does this year with our busy schedule. I hope she can get a nap in there somewhere. 

That's just a little preview of what our Christmas will look like! 

Does anyone else have a busy Christmas schedule? 

Friday, December 21, 2012

3 Month Favorites

I wanted to go ahead and show you what our favorites were for month three! She is really getting into playing with her toys but I didn't want to include all of those because that would be quite a big list of favorites! So here we go..

Baby Einstein Soother:
She has not started sleeping in her crib through the night yet but she has been taking her naps in there, we are taking baby steps! When she does sleep in there, I like to play this soother, it plays music and there are fishes that swim across, so soothing. She likes to look at it and so do I :)

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover:
If you live where it's cold and snowy, this is awesome! I don't have to bundle her up in a snow suit (Like Ralphie's little brother on A Christmas Story!!) when we leave, I just have to put the cover over her and she is warm and toasty in there! I'm so jealous of her when she's in there ;)

Aden & Anais Sleep Sak:
Last month she started to pull the covers over her mouth and face while she was sleeping so I ran to my go to store, Target, to pick up one of these sleep saks. She is still cozy but she doesn't need to be completley covered up. These rock!

Boogie Wipes:
Whenever Keigan does tummy time these days, her nose likes to drain and she has boogies all over her face (cute, I know!) and these suckers work like a charm. They also smell delicious!

We put her in this about a month ago and she loves to sit and hang out in it. She doesn't jump or play with the toys herself just yet but soon enough! She loves when I jump her and the music starts to play, she just smiles and giggles. So cute!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

18 Weeks

Woah, this week flew by!! I seriously feel like I just wrote last weeks post! 
We had your 4 month well visit yesterday and you weighed in at 11 lbs 10.6 oz (itty bitty baby!!) and 24 3/4 in ( long and skinny! 75%). You also got 2 shots and an oral vaccine. I was a nervous wreck but you took them like a champ! We started you on oatmeal cereal this week! Your face was priceless when we gave it to you! I honestly don't think you got any of it, that tongue just pushed it right out! The doctor told me once you get good with the cereal we are allowed to start fruits and veggies, which is absolutely CRAZY! I still feel like you are my little newborn babe that we just brought home from the hospital & here we are starting you on cereal! Slow down girlfriend! 
Well, this week we got closer from rolling back to belly. You are really liking your side these days and just hang out there until I finish rolling you over! Silly girl :) 

I am getting so, so excited for Christmas next week! We get to start new traditions with you, although I know you have no idea what's going on yet, it will still be fun :) 
As always, momma loves you!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I just wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Aubrey at The Kinch Life Designs for redesigning my blog! 

She captured everything I was looking for and was awesome to work with, so go check her out!! 

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

4 Months

We have our 4 month check up on Wednesday so we will get an up-to-date weigh in but when we had her at the ER last week, she was 11 pounds 11 ounces, still itty bitty!

Well, she had her first little sickness last week but got over it fairly fast, thank goodness! Other than that, healthy baby!

Still 100% momma's milk for Miss Keigan! I'm happy to say that we haven't had to supplement formula for her. I know that the doctor will be discussing starting her on cereal soon and it's so bittersweet. I'm so excited to start her on food but sad knowing she's growing up and won't need ME to feed her anymore!

No complaints in this department! We have taken her shopping and to restaurants and everyone is so amazed at how well behaved she is. She crys when she's hungry, has a wet/dirty diaper or is over tired. She's seriously awesome!

Girl loves her sleep. She sleeps from 9:30-7:30 just about every night. We are going to sleep train her  probably right after Christmas in her crib. A little nervous about it....

She is kind of all over the place with this category. She can wear 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes so we have a wide variety with her wardrobe right now! She has been having more 'blow-outs' than usual and I think it's due to her diaper size so after we finish with her size 1 diapers we are moving on up to size 2!

Favorite Toys: 
I would have to say her jumperoo and activity mat are still her favorites! We spend most of the day on her activity mat playing with her toys and if we are in the living room, she enjoys hangin in her jumperoo watching cartoons!

Social Butterfly:
We had her first Christmas party this weekend and I think we have a party animal on our hands! My family is SO, SO loud and she just didn't want to fall asleep. When she did finally fall asleep, she didn't mind the noise at all,  she was out!!! Other than that, we haven't gone out too much since the weather is getting cold and her little sickness this past week. I was afraid to get her around other people and her catch something else (over protective mother much?).


Friday, December 14, 2012

17 Weeks

Well, another week flew by. You had a pretty big milestone last Friday. You finally giggled! Ahh, it was so sweet! I spent the rest of the day doing silly things to try to get you to do it again but you were quickly over it. You really giggled for grandma on Sunday! I watch the video at least twice a day to hear it since you are being stubborn and won't do it for me! :) 

You also had your first ER visit Monday night. After we saw your pediatrician, we found out you had croup. Momma's heart was breaking for you! I hated seeing you like that but you were so tough and took your medicine like a champ! That's my girl :)

I have found that you love to be naked! You will be so fussy before your bath and as soon as I take you back and get you undressed, you get the biggest smile! You love to be naked and get your warm bath each night, thank goodness! I'm so looking forward to you being able to play in the bathtub, although I'm sure I'll have to wear a raincoat to stay dry!

You are fascinated with the TV. I don't know if it's the color and lights that attract you but you turn your head around completely just to catch a glimpse of it. I don't want you to be glued to the TV so I limit the TV usuage.

I'm looking forward to all of the Christmas parties and festive-ness that is coming in the next couple of weeks! :)

Love you babe,


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Babies First ER Visit

We had our first middle of the night scare Monday night. It was 2:30am and Dave woke me up asking what was wrong with Keigan. Before I even realized she was making a noise, she was in my arms and I was soothing her. She had a horrible barking cough and was struggling to catch her breath. I started to nurse her to calm her down while Dave got the diaper bag and carseat ready because we were going to the ER. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep the rest of the night if we didn't go get her checked out. 

Once we got to the hospital, she was sleeping and breathing okay and we felt silly saying that she was having a hard time breathing. The doctor came in, listened to her lungs and said they sounded clear and sent us home. I know my daughter and I knew that her cough and the way she was acting was not normal for her. I followed up with her pediatrician in the morning and they wanted me to come in that evening to check up on her. 

I called my mom in the morning to let her know about our ER visit and the next thing I know, she was pulling into the driveway. She left work early because she wanted to see her for herself. She hung out all day with us and was going with me to her doctor appointment. I don't know what I'd do without her! She is THE best mom and grandma ;) 

She had random coughing spells throughout the day, seemed to be sleepier than normal and didn't have much of an appetite. All day, I kept thinking what I did or who I had her around to have caught something. I googled all day trying to figure out what was wrong. I started over analyzing everything she did and every sound she made. 

At her appointment, the doctor listened to her lungs and told us instantly that she had croup. It sounds weird but I was so glad to hear that. I wasn't leaving that hospital until they told me what was wrong. He said there isn't much you can do for croup, but he prescribed her a steroid and said to get a cool-mist humidifier to help with the swelling of her vocal cords. He said we could give her Tylenol to soothe her throat and that would help with her appetite. So as soon as we left the hospital, I ran to the pharmacy to pick up her medicine, Tylenol and a humidifier. Dave and I gave her the medicine, (which she took like a champ considering she's only had milk!) a warm bath, fed her and put her to bed. 

She has been sleeping 10+ hours straight for the past few months but she woke up at 2, 4, 6 and woke up for the day at 9. I didn't sleep good anyway because I wanted to make sure I heard her if anything happened. Having a sick babe is heart breaking and exhausting. I can't wait for her to be back to her normal, playful self! 


Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm going to do a little weekend wrap-up since we had a pretty BIG milestone! Exciting stuff :) 


Well, we had another HUGE milestone this weekend, we had our first little belly laugh! I was eating lunch in the living room while Keigan was sitting beside me in her jumperoo and I was being really stupid silly and she started by smiling so big and I did it again and I got a little belly laugh, my heart melted into a thousand pieces. Sweetest sound in the world! I whipped out my phone and texted Dave and the grandparents! I tried to get her to do it again so that I could video it but she started to look at me like I was stupid silly. She got over that pretty fast.

Friday night we had a game night planned with some friends. I knew we would be out past her bedtime but I figured if she fell asleep we could lay her in her carseat and she'd be fine. Well, Keigan wanted to party. She stayed up the entire time we were there and was talking away the whole night. There was a point in the game where she was talking so loud that we couldn't hear what others were saying, funny stuff!! We left around 11 and she was asleep by the time we got her strapped into the car. We might have a party animal on our hands :) 


Dave worked Saturday so I got some cleaning done in the morning. I got a bad craving for banana bread and that meant I would have to run to the grocery store. I made a list and decided to make a crock pot meal (from pinterest, of course!) for dinner. Once we had dinner, we played with Keigan and watched Despicable Me before it was time for her bath. After Keigan went to bed, Dave and I opened a bottle of wine and wrapped ALL of the presents in the house! It's safe to say, Keigan was a VERY good girl this year!!!!


We slept in (until 8!) and Dave made pancakes for breakfast while I finished the cleaning. Ever since we got married 2 1/2 years ago we go to my parents on Sunday for dinner. My mom made a new dish, buffalo chicken casserole (delicious!) and it was a hit with everyone (Dave is SUPER picky!). After dinner, my mom had her on her changing table and started playing with her feet and she started laughing, really laughing! I actually got that on video, so flippin' cute (I will post if I ever figure out how to post videos!)!!

Dave calls her our Keigan Bear when she has this coat on :) 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

16 Weeks

16 weeks have come and gone by so quickly! Time needs to slow down just a bit so that I can't soak everything in! You are getting closer to that giggle that I'm waiting for! Every night before your bath, I tickle under your chin and your thighs and you smile so big and grunt. Speaking of baths, you pooped in the bath for the fist time this week and you must have thought it was funny because you were smiling from the time we got you out and cleaned the tub until we put you back in, little stinker!!

This past weekend, we took you to see Santa at the mall! Of course, you did awesome! You didn't cry but you didn't smile either! As soon as I picked you up you smiled so big, again, little stinker! ;)

This week you really started to notice that you can reach and grab something. If you were on your tummy and I'd lay a toy in front of you, you try to grab it. So cute! 

Your dad and I decided to measure you one night because you really looked long and it showed 24 inches, that's 5 inches longer than you were at birth and 2 inches longer than your last doctor appointment! Slow down girl! 

Representing mommy and daddy's high school  :) 

You are the light of my life, baby girl! 



Monday, December 3, 2012

Get to Know Your BFF

I know this blog is all about Keigan but since I'm writing about Keigan, I figured you should get to know me too! :) 

Just turned 25 in August. I am 5'5". I have 1 younger sister that's 22.

I'm addicted to Carmex, I can't fall asleep without it! 

I'm very indecisive! That may be why I'm still in school. 

I'm in school for elementary education and I finally found what I want to do with my life :)

I'm NOT a morning person, I'll be the first to admit it! 

I never shut the door when I'm using the bathroom/shower. 

I can't say no to an ice cold can of Mountain Dew or cheese fries, they are my weakness! So flippin good! 

I'm not gonna lie, cats creeep me out! 

I'm obsessed with my dog. I take her to doggie daycare once or twice a week to play with her friends :) she LOVES it!

My husband and I are both sarcastic people, we work well together!

I can't drink water unless it's ice cold. 

I'm obsessed with Target. I could go there every day and spend hours AND $$$.

Keigan Layne has been the biggest blessing to me! I can't remember what life was like before her!

That's basically me in a nutshell. If you have any other questions, just ask :)