Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 Month Check-Up

Yesterday we had her 2 month check-up and I was excited/ dreading this visit! I was so excited to see how much weight she gained and how long she was but it also meant she was going to get 2 shots and an oral vaccine! Ugh..

The other night when we were at my moms house, we all guessed how much she weighed. My guess was 9.2 lbs, Dave's guess was 8.14 lbs, my mom's guess was 8.8 lbs and my dad's guess was 9.6 lbs. Well, she weighed in at.... 9.58 lbs!!! She gained 2.58 lbs in one month! Milk is doing her body good :) She is now 22 inches, up 2 inches from last month. Big girl!

Then it was shot time... I was crying before the nurse was in the room with the needles. Pathetic, I know! The nurse gave her the oral vaccine first, that was all fine and dandy but then it was time for the needles. The nurse wanted me to hold her hands so she doesn't accidentally stick her fingers and she gave her one in one leg and then she hurried and did the second leg. The waterworks were really flowing from both of us at that point! I nursed her as soon as she was done which calmed her down but I was still crying. Haha. I just hated to see my babe in that much pain, it's seriusly the worst!

Her ped told me we could give her Tylenol if she was fussy and in pain last night so of course, I ran out and got her children's Tylenol. I was expecting her to be fussy last night but you wouldn't even know she had shots! What a tough cookie :)

Here are a few snapshots of her today! Enjoy :)

Sadie, the protector :) 

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