Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2 months

Miss Keigan, you are already 2 months old and it feels like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital! In just 2 months you have learned so much, you are one smart cookie :) You give us real smiles (which they are the cutest in the world!!), you coo and try to talk to us, & you get the hiccups every time you eat! I like to play a game with you when you get the hiccups that whenever you hiccup, I have to give you a kiss. This game can last awhile and sometimes it's hard for me to keep up but at the end you get LOTS of kisses :)

We have your 2 month check-up next week. I'm excited to see how much you've grown but I'm dreading it because I know you have to get a shot (or two)!

Happy 2 months sweet girl :)

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