Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shopping Trip

We had our first big shopping trip this weekend! We went to Pittsburgh for an all day girls day and Keigan did awesome!!! I was so relieved. She loved looking at all of the lights and wanted to be in on all the shopping action. I had a couple bottles ready for her so that I didn't have to worry about nursing her while we were there but she was too busy looking cute and getting everyones attention that she didn't even want to eat (that is so unlike her!). 

My mission of the day was to find her a Christmas outfit. If you don't know already, you have to shop super early for baby outfits because those suckers go fast! My mission failed. Every outfit that I picked up didn't have Keigan's size. I'm not kidding you, every single one! I guess that just means it wasn't meant to be?! 

Well, I did start Christmas shopping for her today. We have a couple stocking stuffers and some PJ's so far. I found a toy at Pottery Barn Kids that I found myself playing with the entire time we were there so I figured I'd stuff that in her stocking and hope that she finds it as amusing as I did :) 

Manhattan Toy Winkel
Winkel Activity Toy

Although I didn't find her first Christmas outfit, Keigan did find some pretty good deals on some super cute outfits :) I really wish I had her wardrobe!!

She passed out as soon as we got home. She always looks so comfy in her 'bed' that I wish I could crawl in there with her and sleep :) 

I hope that this shopping trip was a preview for all of the shopping trips to come because I will have an awesome shopping buddy :) 

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