Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 6

Oh my goodness, six weeks already?! This was a pretty busy week because we had two very important birthdays to celebrate and get ready for, Grammy and Aunt Meg's! I had said I would make dinner and have cake and ice cream at our house so I had to get to the grocery store to pick up everything I needed, of course I had to make a couple trips and I still forgot a couple things! Ugh! Keigan was a little trooper and was awake for most of the night, she didn't want to miss anything!  

 Saturday was the big WVU vs. Baylor football game & my sister and her boyfriend came over to watch the game! Keigan got dressed up in her WVU gear and was the cutest cheerleader I have ever seen :) 

Keigan is still sleeping and eating like a champ! My little baby is growing out of her newborn clothes and moving onto her 3 month clothes ;( She is still in newborn size diapers and once she moves into the size one diapers we may be buying cloth diapers (go ahead and throw up) to save us some money and save the earth :) In the last 6 weeks, we have spent $150 on diapers alone! I can't believe how expensive diapers are and if we would keep her in disposable diapers for 2 years we would be spending approximately $2,400! I don't know about you but I would rather take that money and spend it on cute clothes or Keigan and her momma ;)

Week six was a busy week for us, I'm looking forward to a more relaxing week this week! 

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