Thursday, October 11, 2012

Week 8

In just 8 weeks I have learned so much about you. I know that you like when Mama holds you under your arm and walks you around and sings the most ridiculous songs to you. You love to get baths. You love to look outside or at any light. You make the loudest grunting noises when you are eating. You hate to sleep on your back. You wail when you realize that you were hungry 8 minutes ago ( just like your mama! ). You love to go for walks with me and Sadie. You sleep just like your daddy, mouth wide open and sometimes I even here you snore. I swear you think it's funny when we have your diaper off for .2 seconds and you pee and poop all over your clothes, myself, the changing table, the walls, etc.. You have mixed feelings when I read to you, sometimes you just lay there and listen to me read and other times you cry so loud I can't hear myself think. You love when Sadie gives you kisses. 

This week I set you in your bumbo for the first time! You were unsure about it at first but then you just sat there and checked things out, it was so darn cute!

Happy 8 weeks, Keigan Layne!!!

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