Friday, November 9, 2012

12 Weeks

12 weeks was a big week for you! 

You rolled from your belly to your back all on your own! I was so excited that I started yelling, clapping and giving you lots of kisses. I think I scared you at first but then you got the biggest smile on your face, it was the sweetest thing :) I immediatley texted everyone in my phone to share the big news! Talk about one proud mama :) 

This week you also started to become obsessed with your hands. You wanted to suck on them like it was your job. Every time I'd see you do that I'd try to give you Sophie because I don't want you to start the habit of sucking on your hands/thumb, plus I love watching you go to town on Sophie's ear :)

Playtime is my favorite part of the day. You are always smiling and kicking around. You try to put everything in your mouth, including my fingers :) You are cooing all the time. I tell you all of the time that you will be a singer with that sweet voice, you definitely don't take after mama and daddy on that one, we are awful singers :)

As always, mama and daddy love you SO much!!!

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