Wednesday, November 14, 2012

13 Weeks

This week we had no huge milestones except I do think I heard a very faint giggle the other night when I was getting you undressed for your bath. You were talking and smiling at me and you were getting so excited I think there was a very faint giggle and I tried to get you to do it again but no such luck :( But I'm sure it will be coming very soon! 

Momma and daddy had a surprise anniversary party to go to on Saturday night and you stayed with Grammy. When we dropped you off you were talking and in such a good mood and I did NOT want to leave! You are just too cute for words! 

You are still sleeping in our room in your Rock N Play. You LOVE that thing! I have tried every day this week to put you in your crib through the day when you fall asleep and as soon as I lay you down you are wide awake and start to fuss! You just aren't ready to sleep in that big crib, which is fine with me! I don't mind hearing you snore and sometimes talk throughout the night :) You are still sleeping 8-9 hour stretches through the night and it's AWESOME! I hear that's pretty good for a breastfed baby :) 

I have been trying to work out throughout the day when you take a nap and I swear you don't want me to get back in shape! You let me get about 20 minutes in and then you decide to wail until I pick you up and then you're fine, little stinker! I either have to go to my moms so that she can watch you or I wait until daddy gets home from work so that he can watch you! I think you just like my extra softness when you're laying on me ;) haha!

You are now blowing bubbles and sucking on those hands ALL day long and you are starting to get your clothes drenched in drool! I have never put a bib on you but that looks like it will be changing soon! Let the drooling begin!

You have been the biggest blessing in my life! I can not imagine my life without you! I love you SO much baby girl! Mwah!

How sweet is that smile?! :) 

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