Tuesday, November 6, 2012


WARNING: this post is completely random! Enjoy :)

So let me begin by saying I had a horrible day yesterday! Keigan woke up in a bad mood and continued until she went to bed last night! She didn't want to be anywhere but in my arms so that meant I couldn't do anything, including going to the bathroom to pee, without her screaming her head off! Of course it had to be a day where Dave was gone until 9pm so that meant I had NO break. She also wanted to eat every 45 minutes-1 hour. I'm thinking she's going through a growth spurt?! Talk about exhausting..

On a lighter note, I have most of Keigan's Christmas shopping done! I say that now but who am I kidding, I'll be shopping for her up until Christmas Eve! I got her Christmas outfit and OMG can it be Christmas already?! It's seriously the cutest & makes me so happy/excited when I look at it! I had a really hard time finding something that I liked. Everything I was finding was too fancy, too uncomfortable, too big and puffy and just not my style but Baby Gap sure knows what I like :) I wanted something festive, comfortable, adorable and something I would wear! And I have been on the search for something similar for me to wear on Christmas because I love her outfit so much, totally not corny or anything ;)

1-4.) Baby Gap

Keigan had her first BIG & I mean HUGE milestone about an hour ago, she rolled from her belly to her back on her own!!! Talk about one proud mama!!! I started yelling and clapping that I think I scared her at first but then she got a huge smile on her face like she knew she just did something major!!!

& of course I'll leave you with a picture of this cutie :)


  1. =-) love this!!!

  2. So weird! I almost bought those tights and shoes the other day! So stinking cute :) and great taste, FYI!

    1. Great minds think alike :) its seriously adorable, can not wait to wear it on her!!