Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Keigan's first Thanksgiving was a success! We woke up just in time to cuddle up on the couch for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I baked chocolate chip muffins and sipped on mimosas, which were heavenly! We had a pretty relaxing morning, which was nice since we had one, two three dinners to go to! 

We started off with a lunch at Dave's mom's house at 12:00. It was delicious! I'm not a huge turkey fan, so they were so sweet to cook a piece of chicken for me! 

Then we stopped at our house to play with Sadie for a bit before we headed to our other two dinners. We then went to Dave's grandparent's for round 2 at 4:00. It was so nice to visit with them, Keigan was getting all kinds of lovin'! 

Last but not least, we had my grandparent's dinner at 5:00. We were so stuffed by then but we still had to get in a small plate, my grandma's homemade noodles are to die for! My grandma cooks for 20 people and does one hell of a job! 

We were all so exhausted at the end of the day that we passed out by 9:30. 

I'm not a crazy Black Friday shopper and I especially didn't want to go around the crazies with a 3 month old. Instead, I went online and scoped out some deals for Cyber Monday ;) When Dave got home from work, we got out the Christmas decorations and started to deck the halls with Elf playing and sipping some bubbly. We finished up decorating Saturday and my parents, sister and her boyfriend came over to watch Home Alone. Perfect evening :)

Today we had Keigan's Christmas pictures taken by my BFF! She does such amazing work. Keigan looked adorable and was loving all of the attention she was getting! She will grow up loving the camera, as much as I have it in her face ;) 

Here are a couple behind the scene pics of her first Christmas shoot :)

We had such a fun first Thanksgiving weekend with our little turkey!


  1. She is just too presh! I cannot wait to see the pictures and I love her little turkey butt. I cannot believe she is 14 weeks :( So sad, but she gets cuter and cuter with every passing day and week!

    1. Thank you Mandy! I I can't believe she's 14 weeks either, it goes wayyy to fast! Soak up every second with your little man! I'm so excited for you :) Good luck with everything!!