Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 15

15 weeks?!! It seriously blows my mind how fast time goes! You get cuter by the day (I don't know how you do it!) and I love you more and more! Your little personality is out of this world cute! When you talk to me, your little face shows so much expression that it looks like you are really telling me stories! 

The other night after I fed you, you laid on my shoulder and stared into my eyes for minutes and I did not want that moment to end! I started to tear up just thinking how much I'm going to miss that when you get older!

I have been trying hard to get you to giggle this week and I know it's right around the corner. You just grunt when I tickle you now but I know one of these times I'm going to get a giggle :) 

You have been taking naps through the day in your crib but I'm not ready to cut the cord and have you sleep in there all night yet! For some reason, it's so comforting knowing I have you right next to me. Call me weird?!

You love your jumperoo! You don't play with the toys yet but you just sit and chill in it and watch cartoons! It's pretty darn cute ;) 

She is actually watching Friends here, never too young to start her on some Friends :) 

You are my pride and joy Miss Keigan! Momma loves you more than anything! Xoxo 


  1. How is she already 15 weeks? WOW, time is slipping right by. I cannot believe any day now Jaxon could be here, then it will be Christmas, and then a new year? WHAT THE FRICK! We need to figure out a way to stop time (but after little man gets here!)

    1. I don't know :( you won't even believe how fast it goes!! The last few weeks of pregnancy draggg and then he'll be 15 weeks and you won't know where the time went! I think you're on to something with figuring out a way to stop time! Lets put our heads together and come up with something :)