Thursday, December 6, 2012

16 Weeks

16 weeks have come and gone by so quickly! Time needs to slow down just a bit so that I can't soak everything in! You are getting closer to that giggle that I'm waiting for! Every night before your bath, I tickle under your chin and your thighs and you smile so big and grunt. Speaking of baths, you pooped in the bath for the fist time this week and you must have thought it was funny because you were smiling from the time we got you out and cleaned the tub until we put you back in, little stinker!!

This past weekend, we took you to see Santa at the mall! Of course, you did awesome! You didn't cry but you didn't smile either! As soon as I picked you up you smiled so big, again, little stinker! ;)

This week you really started to notice that you can reach and grab something. If you were on your tummy and I'd lay a toy in front of you, you try to grab it. So cute! 

Your dad and I decided to measure you one night because you really looked long and it showed 24 inches, that's 5 inches longer than you were at birth and 2 inches longer than your last doctor appointment! Slow down girl! 

Representing mommy and daddy's high school  :) 

You are the light of my life, baby girl! 




  1. She is so precious!!! Love the Santa pic!

    1. Awe, thank you!!! Are you going to take your little one to see Santa?!

  2. She's getting to be a big girl!! So darn cute! Kinsley is starting to realize that not only can she suck on her hands...but she can put them to use grabbing onto toys.

    1. Her hands are still her BFF but she can't really suck on them when she's on her belly so she is putting them to use by reaching for toys that se can shove in her mouth :)