Friday, December 14, 2012

17 Weeks

Well, another week flew by. You had a pretty big milestone last Friday. You finally giggled! Ahh, it was so sweet! I spent the rest of the day doing silly things to try to get you to do it again but you were quickly over it. You really giggled for grandma on Sunday! I watch the video at least twice a day to hear it since you are being stubborn and won't do it for me! :) 

You also had your first ER visit Monday night. After we saw your pediatrician, we found out you had croup. Momma's heart was breaking for you! I hated seeing you like that but you were so tough and took your medicine like a champ! That's my girl :)

I have found that you love to be naked! You will be so fussy before your bath and as soon as I take you back and get you undressed, you get the biggest smile! You love to be naked and get your warm bath each night, thank goodness! I'm so looking forward to you being able to play in the bathtub, although I'm sure I'll have to wear a raincoat to stay dry!

You are fascinated with the TV. I don't know if it's the color and lights that attract you but you turn your head around completely just to catch a glimpse of it. I don't want you to be glued to the TV so I limit the TV usuage.

I'm looking forward to all of the Christmas parties and festive-ness that is coming in the next couple of weeks! :)

Love you babe,


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