Thursday, December 20, 2012

18 Weeks

Woah, this week flew by!! I seriously feel like I just wrote last weeks post! 
We had your 4 month well visit yesterday and you weighed in at 11 lbs 10.6 oz (itty bitty baby!!) and 24 3/4 in ( long and skinny! 75%). You also got 2 shots and an oral vaccine. I was a nervous wreck but you took them like a champ! We started you on oatmeal cereal this week! Your face was priceless when we gave it to you! I honestly don't think you got any of it, that tongue just pushed it right out! The doctor told me once you get good with the cereal we are allowed to start fruits and veggies, which is absolutely CRAZY! I still feel like you are my little newborn babe that we just brought home from the hospital & here we are starting you on cereal! Slow down girlfriend! 
Well, this week we got closer from rolling back to belly. You are really liking your side these days and just hang out there until I finish rolling you over! Silly girl :) 

I am getting so, so excited for Christmas next week! We get to start new traditions with you, although I know you have no idea what's going on yet, it will still be fun :) 
As always, momma loves you!!!

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  1. Love this and love the new look!!! :). Grammy Lisa