Thursday, December 27, 2012

19 Weeks

Well, another week came and went. This was the fastest week yet. You really LOVE your thumb these days and I can't seem to get you to stop. Don't get me wrong, it's super cute when you go to town on it but it's easier to wean you from a bink rather than your thumb because we can't really take your thumb away. 

You are getting closer from rolling from your back to belly and you are giggling more now. Last week when we got your Christmas pictures taken, you threw your head back and was giggling at the photographer! Cutest thing EVER! I'm looking forward to many more laughs!!
We had your very first Christmas this week, not that you'll remember but I made sure to take lots of pictures for you to look back on. You slept as soon as we started opening gifts Christmas morning until we finished. You also took a nap in the afternoon while we were at my grandmas. 

We are planning on starting to put you in your crib through the night this weekend, I'm a little nervous to be honest! I'm really hoping it goes well. 

I'm looking forward to starting the new year and all of the exciting things it will bring (your first words, first steps, etc..) but I have to start back to school on the 14th and I'm already freaking out about leaving you! Ugh! 
I love you baby doll!! 
Xoxo, Momma
I told you you like your thumb!!