Friday, December 21, 2012

3 Month Favorites

I wanted to go ahead and show you what our favorites were for month three! She is really getting into playing with her toys but I didn't want to include all of those because that would be quite a big list of favorites! So here we go..

Baby Einstein Soother:
She has not started sleeping in her crib through the night yet but she has been taking her naps in there, we are taking baby steps! When she does sleep in there, I like to play this soother, it plays music and there are fishes that swim across, so soothing. She likes to look at it and so do I :)

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover:
If you live where it's cold and snowy, this is awesome! I don't have to bundle her up in a snow suit (Like Ralphie's little brother on A Christmas Story!!) when we leave, I just have to put the cover over her and she is warm and toasty in there! I'm so jealous of her when she's in there ;)

Aden & Anais Sleep Sak:
Last month she started to pull the covers over her mouth and face while she was sleeping so I ran to my go to store, Target, to pick up one of these sleep saks. She is still cozy but she doesn't need to be completley covered up. These rock!

Boogie Wipes:
Whenever Keigan does tummy time these days, her nose likes to drain and she has boogies all over her face (cute, I know!) and these suckers work like a charm. They also smell delicious!

We put her in this about a month ago and she loves to sit and hang out in it. She doesn't jump or play with the toys herself just yet but soon enough! She loves when I jump her and the music starts to play, she just smiles and giggles. So cute!


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