Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm going to do a little weekend wrap-up since we had a pretty BIG milestone! Exciting stuff :) 


Well, we had another HUGE milestone this weekend, we had our first little belly laugh! I was eating lunch in the living room while Keigan was sitting beside me in her jumperoo and I was being really stupid silly and she started by smiling so big and I did it again and I got a little belly laugh, my heart melted into a thousand pieces. Sweetest sound in the world! I whipped out my phone and texted Dave and the grandparents! I tried to get her to do it again so that I could video it but she started to look at me like I was stupid silly. She got over that pretty fast.

Friday night we had a game night planned with some friends. I knew we would be out past her bedtime but I figured if she fell asleep we could lay her in her carseat and she'd be fine. Well, Keigan wanted to party. She stayed up the entire time we were there and was talking away the whole night. There was a point in the game where she was talking so loud that we couldn't hear what others were saying, funny stuff!! We left around 11 and she was asleep by the time we got her strapped into the car. We might have a party animal on our hands :) 


Dave worked Saturday so I got some cleaning done in the morning. I got a bad craving for banana bread and that meant I would have to run to the grocery store. I made a list and decided to make a crock pot meal (from pinterest, of course!) for dinner. Once we had dinner, we played with Keigan and watched Despicable Me before it was time for her bath. After Keigan went to bed, Dave and I opened a bottle of wine and wrapped ALL of the presents in the house! It's safe to say, Keigan was a VERY good girl this year!!!!


We slept in (until 8!) and Dave made pancakes for breakfast while I finished the cleaning. Ever since we got married 2 1/2 years ago we go to my parents on Sunday for dinner. My mom made a new dish, buffalo chicken casserole (delicious!) and it was a hit with everyone (Dave is SUPER picky!). After dinner, my mom had her on her changing table and started playing with her feet and she started laughing, really laughing! I actually got that on video, so flippin' cute (I will post if I ever figure out how to post videos!)!!

Dave calls her our Keigan Bear when she has this coat on :) 

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