Thursday, January 31, 2013

24 Weeks

Keigan Layne, you are 24 weeks old today!! In just 2 weeks you will be 6 months!!! <tear>

This week has been SO fun! You are finally loving Peek-a-boo! I have been playing with you and you just giggle & giggle! I continue to do this until your sick of it because your laugh is the sweetest little sound and I don't want you to stop. If anyone is having a bad day & they hear you giggle you can turn their day right around! 

You have been obsessed with your feet! You constantly have them in your hands and have been sucking on them every chance you get. It's pretty darn cute. And when you aren't playing with your tootsies, you are talking our ears off! You just babble and then you start chewing on your tongue which causes you to drool all over the place. I can't stop laughing when you do that. You are just too cute! 

Yesterday we celebrated daddy's birthday. We had a lot of family over for dinner and cake and you loved seeing everyone. You were passed around to everyone and loved it but I think your favorite was watching the dogs play! You LOVE dogs! I can't wait for you and Sadie to be BFF's! 
We have been practicing sitting up and trying to get you into position to start crawling. You are getting your balance to sit up by yourself soon and when I put you on your tummy, you get your knees up under you like you want to move. Soon enough, I'll have a sitting up/crawling baby. <insert another tear> 

You are fascinated with anything I have in my hand (coffee mug, water bottle, food, my phone) and try reaching for it. I'm waiting on the day I get hot coffe all over myself. 

Mommy & daddy love you sooo much! 

Momma & Daddy


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hubby's Birthday

Well, my man turned 27 today! I always have a hard time figuring out what to get him since he just gets what he wants anyway. This year he had a list for me and we went out this past weekend and he picked out a new hockey stick, some dumbbells, and some other hockey gear. He made it easy for me. I wanted to get him something to open on his birthday so I got him a new hat that he had asked for for Christmas but no one got for him (oops!). 
Growing up, my mom would always make us our favorite meal on our birthdays so I am continuing that tradition in our family. I'm making Dave lasagna, garlic bread, and an Oreo cake. He is a fan of anything Oreo or cookies n' cream so I searched Pinterest for an Oreo cake and found this one: 
Oreo Cake
Looks delicious, right? 
I'll let you know how it turns out :) 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

23 Weeks

Baby girl, you are 23 weeks old today! You have grown and learned SO much in those short 23 weeks you've been here

No big milestones this week. We have been practicing sitting up by yourself. Some times you really get your balance and can sit up for a while by yourself and other times you have a round bottom and can't sit up at all. You'll get it :) 

Your sleeping has been pretty crappy this week. One night you woke up at 3,4 & 5. I think you were having gas issues because your stomach was rock hard. Poor babe :( I haven't given you cereal since that night and I think that has been helping. 

I think I've said this before but you are loving Sadie!! Every time she growls or barks you giggle so hard. We purposely get Sadie to do growl/bark just to hear you laugh. 

The best decision I made was to stay home with you for your first year. I know I would have regretted it if I went back to school this semester. Waking up and getting to spend the day with you is the best. 

I feel so lucky to be your mom. 
Love you sweetie, 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

22 Weeks

This week has been pretty low key. We stayed in all weekend and all week. I don't want to risk you getting that flu bug going around! You did roll over from your back to your belly all on your own right after I published last weeks post! You have been so close for a while but your arm kept getting in your way but you finally did it! Big girl! :) 
You have a fascination with scratching everythinggg. That includes me when I'm feeding you. It looks like I have cat scratches all over my chest and arms, I'm the first to know when you need your nails cut! 
There were a few days that nothing was pleasing you, and I mean nothing! I'm not sure if it was gas issues or teething pain. That's the hard thing with babies, you can't tell me what's wrong! I feel horrible when I can't get you to stop crying! You seem to be doing better (thank goodness!). 

You turned 5 months yesterday. I can not get over that it's been 5 months since I gave birth to you! I feel like I have known you forever! You are our everything Keigan Layne! 

Momma & Daddy

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Origami Owl

Last week I officially became an Independent Designer for Origami Owl and I received my kit in the mail today! I am SO excited to start selling this awesome jewelry! If you have not heard of Origami Owl, go check it out now! I promise, you will love it!

 A couple months ago my friend told me about this company and told me I would be a perfect designer. I looked into it and fell in love with the story and with the products. 

Since I have been home with Keigan, I haven't been able to help out financially and wanted to find something that I could do from home. This opportunity was perfect for that! Go check out my website & order your locket!


I Have a 5 Month Old

I have a 5 month old! How did this happen?! 

I weighed her on my moms scale and it says she weighs 13 1/2 lbs! I don't know how accurate that is but I'd say it's in the right ballpark!
Healthy as a horse! ( I don't get that saying. I guess horses don't get sick?) 
Her doc gave us the go ahead with cereal at her 4 month check-up so we started with 1 tablespoon of oatmeal before her bath each night. We did that for 2 weeks and then I started giving it to her in the morning and at night. We did this for about 1 week and then I started with veggies! We have given her carrots, apples, green beans and peaches ( in that order). She has loved all of them so far! We waited 3 days before giving her a new food to see if she had any reaction to them. So far, we've had good luck! :) & of course, she's still on momma's milk! 
She crys when she's over tired, hungry, or has a wet/dirty diaper. We were blessed with a happy baby! 

This month she hasn't been napping like she had been. She takes a 30 minute nap in the morning, a 30 minute-1 hour nap in the afternoon & a 30 minute nap in the evening. 
Through the night she has been waking up 1-2 times a night, never consistent with times! 
She is in between sizes right now. She is wearing 3 month, 3-6 month and some 6 month! Her dresser and closet are FULL! 
She is still wearing her size 2 diapers. 

Social Butterfly:
You were a very busy baby this month. We celebrated your very first Christmas and New Years so we had quite a few parties. After the New Year, we were exhausted so we have spent a lot of time at home to make up for all of the outings over the holidays. 

Daily Routine: 
Our schedule was a little different this month. We started her on cereal and her long afternoon naps are nonexistent these days. So here is what our routine looked like this month. 
7-8am- Wake up & nurse
8-9am- Watch cartoons amd play
9-9:30- 1 tbs cereal with 1 oz of fruit
9:30- 10:30- Nap
10:30- Noon- Playtime
12pm -Nurse
1-2pm- Nap
2pm- Nurse
2:30-4pm- Playtime/Errands
4pm- Nurse & Nap
5-7pm- Playtime/cartoons
7pm- 1tbs cereal and 1 oz veggie
7-9pm- Playtime with Daddy 
9pm- Bath time
9:15pm- Nurse
9:30pm- Bedtime

Stay tuned for our 4 Month favorites!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Decisions, Decisions..

I would say that this week has been stressful but that would be an understatmemt! Before I was pregnant, I was on schedule to graduate this May. Once I found out my due date was early September I knew I would take fall semester off and go back in January. No big deal. As you know, it's January and I'm supposed to start in 2 days. Earlier this week I started thinking about school books, tuition and it became so real. I started getting sick just thinking about leaving Keigan. My mind was all over the place. One minute, I would say "I'm going back and getting it done!" and the next minute I'm saying "What am I thinking? I can't leave her yet!" This was happening all day, every day this week!

I decided I should just go up to school and talk to one of my teachers to see how much of my time I'll physically be at school and how much homework I would have. She said to block out 8-4 Monday through Friday to be at school and I'd have a full night of homework. After talking to her, it made my  decision very easy! I'm happy to say that I will be taking ONE more semester off. I absolutely did not want to miss any of Keigan's milestones and firsts. I'm so excited that I'll be home with Keigan for her entire first year! 

This little girl is happy I'll be home too :) 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

21 Weeks

This was a big week for you, missy! You started on fruits & veggies (just carrots and apples, so far!). You love them! You started nose diving into the spoon and you actually cried tonight when your apples were gone! It's so fun feeding you from a spoon in your highchair, such a big girl! 

You also started sitting up unassisted for very short amounts of time! But hey, you are not even 5 months & I think that's pretty darn good! 

Daddy spotted your first tooth poking through! I didn't want to accept it because that means you are growing up wayyy too fast but sure enough there's an itty bitty tooth in there! That may be why your sleeping has gone down hill these past few weeks. You were sleeping 11+ hours but lately you started waking up a couple of times through the night to eat. 

You have become quite the giggling queen! I can't even take it. It is the most precious sound. Ugh, have I said that I live for baby giggles?! 

You are really LOVING Sadie these days! Every time you see her, you get the biggest smile! I can't wait until you two are BFF's! 

As always, we love you more than anything!
Xoxo, Momma & Daddy

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Year Ago...

One year ago we received the best news we have ever got. News that would forever change our lives. News that we have been waiting to hear for an entire year. I peed on a little stick that told me I was pregnant! I honestly checked, re-checked and then checked again to make sure I was reading it right. I called Dave right away because there was no way I could wait until he got home for work. He was just as excited as I was. I remember my stomach was in knots all day because I was so excited for what was to come. A lifetime of happiness! 
Dave and I started trying to have a little babe in January 2011 but it didn't happen for us until one year later. I took a test on Christmas Eve thinking how great of a present it would be to tell our families on Christmas that we had a little bun in the oven but it was negative. Two weeks later, I still hadn't started my period so I gave it another go and low and behold it was positive! 
I wanted to wait for our first ultrasound to tell our family but I'm terrible at keeping secrets so we waited a week and I went out and found onesies that said "Grandma loves me" to give them. The grandparents were shocked :) As soon as we got married, the grandparents were begging asking for a baby so we were SO excited to tell them this happy news! 
One year ago...
Today we have an almost 5 month old...


Friday, January 4, 2013

Easter? Too soon?!

Now that the holidays are over, I am SO excited for spring/summer to get here. Maybe I'm a little excited considering it was down to 3 degrees this morning! I was doing a little online browsing today for Valentine's Day outfits for Keigan and they already have summer clothes and swimsuits out! You have no idea how excited that got me! Soon the Valentine's shopping led to St. Patty's Day to Easter to summer! 

Pottery Barn Kids has the most adorable Easter baskets. I already have the one I want in the shopping cart ;) 

And since I was looking at baskets, I looked for an Easter dress! It's so hard to tell what the weather will be like at the end of March in WV but I have my eye on a couple! 

Holidays with kiddos brings a whole new excitement level! Let's be honest, Easter when you are 25 just isn't that exciting.. but making Easter baskets for kids? Awesome!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

20 weeks

20 weeks!!!!  Holy moly girlfriend! You had your first New Year this week! We just spent the night with family playing games. Pretty low key. You finally fell asleep around 10:30, you just really like to party! Daddy gave you your first kiss of 2013 & mommy was shortly after :) 
 You are loving your cereal these days. We have only been giving it to you before your bath each night but I started yesterday giving it to you at breakfast and before bed. I absolutely love watching you eat from a spoon! 
There have been a couple days when you are happy playing on the floor with your toys and if I get up and walk away, you scream bloody murder until I pick you back up. Little stinker :) 
You sat up by yourself this week! We had you sitting in your new chair and you just held yourself up with those strong little arms of yours! I've tried to get you to do it since that time and you just aren't into it, you don't want to show off ;)

You love bath time!!! Santa got you lots of bath toys so that is making baths so much more fun!! 

Mommy & Daddy love you Keigs!!! XoXo