Wednesday, January 2, 2013

20 weeks

20 weeks!!!!  Holy moly girlfriend! You had your first New Year this week! We just spent the night with family playing games. Pretty low key. You finally fell asleep around 10:30, you just really like to party! Daddy gave you your first kiss of 2013 & mommy was shortly after :) 
 You are loving your cereal these days. We have only been giving it to you before your bath each night but I started yesterday giving it to you at breakfast and before bed. I absolutely love watching you eat from a spoon! 
There have been a couple days when you are happy playing on the floor with your toys and if I get up and walk away, you scream bloody murder until I pick you back up. Little stinker :) 
You sat up by yourself this week! We had you sitting in your new chair and you just held yourself up with those strong little arms of yours! I've tried to get you to do it since that time and you just aren't into it, you don't want to show off ;)

You love bath time!!! Santa got you lots of bath toys so that is making baths so much more fun!! 

Mommy & Daddy love you Keigs!!! XoXo


  1. What a cutie! I absolutely love the name Keigan :)

  2. Such a little peanut! Isn't it funny how 20 weeks in pregnancy felt like forever but I am sure 20 weeks of her being born feels like you have only blinked! At least that's how I feel, pregnancy soooo slow but once baby is here its like you can't slow time down to save your life!

    1. Ohh I know! It has gone soooo fast!! Makes me so sad!!