Thursday, January 10, 2013

21 Weeks

This was a big week for you, missy! You started on fruits & veggies (just carrots and apples, so far!). You love them! You started nose diving into the spoon and you actually cried tonight when your apples were gone! It's so fun feeding you from a spoon in your highchair, such a big girl! 

You also started sitting up unassisted for very short amounts of time! But hey, you are not even 5 months & I think that's pretty darn good! 

Daddy spotted your first tooth poking through! I didn't want to accept it because that means you are growing up wayyy too fast but sure enough there's an itty bitty tooth in there! That may be why your sleeping has gone down hill these past few weeks. You were sleeping 11+ hours but lately you started waking up a couple of times through the night to eat. 

You have become quite the giggling queen! I can't even take it. It is the most precious sound. Ugh, have I said that I live for baby giggles?! 

You are really LOVING Sadie these days! Every time you see her, you get the biggest smile! I can't wait until you two are BFF's! 

As always, we love you more than anything!
Xoxo, Momma & Daddy


  1. Waverly is going through the exact same things ... Sitting up, big girl high chair, teeth, and loving the dog! So fun!!!

    1. It is so fun!!! I'm loving all of these fun milestones!! :)