Thursday, January 17, 2013

22 Weeks

This week has been pretty low key. We stayed in all weekend and all week. I don't want to risk you getting that flu bug going around! You did roll over from your back to your belly all on your own right after I published last weeks post! You have been so close for a while but your arm kept getting in your way but you finally did it! Big girl! :) 
You have a fascination with scratching everythinggg. That includes me when I'm feeding you. It looks like I have cat scratches all over my chest and arms, I'm the first to know when you need your nails cut! 
There were a few days that nothing was pleasing you, and I mean nothing! I'm not sure if it was gas issues or teething pain. That's the hard thing with babies, you can't tell me what's wrong! I feel horrible when I can't get you to stop crying! You seem to be doing better (thank goodness!). 

You turned 5 months yesterday. I can not get over that it's been 5 months since I gave birth to you! I feel like I have known you forever! You are our everything Keigan Layne! 

Momma & Daddy


  1. Found you via three little birdies :) your Keegan is absolutely darling! I look forward to reading her weekly updates.

    1. Thanks for the add :) I'm heading over to check yours out now!!