Friday, February 8, 2013

25 Weeks

Baby girl, 
You have mastered the skill of throwing anything that's in your hands on the floor. That's going to be fun when it's your food ;) Anytime you are in your jumperoo, you take your toys and throw them on the ground & then want them back . Silly girl! 
You don't like it when I leave the room for anything anymore!  I think you are aware now that I can leave and you don't like that one bit! The only two positions you wanted to be in this week were sitting up or standing. You are really getting the hang of sitting by yourself! I still make sure I'm right there in case you lose your balance from that round bottom of yours! 
We haven't given you any cereal or purées this week because every time we give it to you, you have major gas pains and don't go to the bathroom for days, which makes you one crabby baby (but who can blame you?! I would be the same way!). I'm just going to hold off on the solids until we go for your 6 month check up and ask the Dr. About it. 
You have become fascinated with logos on shirts. You won't take your eyes off of it when someone has you. You would rather look at the logo than at our faces. I make sure to not wear logos because I want you looking at ME :) 

Love you More than you know!!

Xoxo, Momma & Daddy 

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