Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playroom Inspiration

When we bought our house almost 2 years ago, we knew we would have to do updates to the entire house. But we also knew it would help us out down the road when we grow out of this house to sell it. Last year, we gutted and remodeled all 3 of our bathrooms, got new carpet in the master bedroom and nursery and painted and got the nursery ready. This year we want to finish our rec room which includes the playroom :) I think I am more excited to decorate and finish the playroom more so than our family rec room! Who doesn't love a fun playroom?! Our playroom won't be big so we have to make sure we use the space wisely! I have been pinning some adorable playrooms on good ol' Pinterest and I'm hoping some of them will become a reality!! 
Here is what I have in mind...
All original Pins can be found here

My list of 'must haves' include:
-a reading nook so my little can  read her couple hundred books.
-chalkboard wall
-fun quotes for the wall
-confetti system garland

We are going to be starting on it soon so I will be doing a before/after post so stay tuned! :)



  1. i love the idea of the teepee!

  2. Ooo can't wait!! I love playrooms :)

  3. Teepees! That has always been something that I told my husband that Jax will have when he gets older. He always calls me Pocohantas, so it seems fitting for my little indian baby to have a teepee. I love your ideas! Hopefully it will turn out just like you want :)

    1. I LOVE teepees! It's kinda like you can go in and escape from everything! :) let's face it, I will probably be in there more than Keigan! Haha

  4. We are finishing our basement this Spring so the hubbies man cave can go down there and then his man cave which is actually our Den will become Ry's playroom and I can't wait either!! I have so many ideas in my head and Pinterest of course!! But our den which will be her playroom is on the main floor so its perfect for a play area on that level... I am dreaming of a window seat! Haha, ok, maybe I am making the playroom a little bit about me too ;)

    Hopefully it is done by Summer!!

  5. I wish our playroom was on the main floor but our spare room right now will soon enough be another nursery ;) So the only area that could be made into a playroom is our rec room. We will be down there a lot in the winter months with the fire place. A window seat? I'm so jelly! That sounds amazing! I can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

    1. I WANT the window seat, we will see if it happens, but thought the bottom of seat could be open for as a book shelf for her, or open up like a toy chest to store some of our toys.

      Haha, ya I hear ya. The way our house is set up is 2 bedrooms on the main floor and then 2 upstairs. The master is on the main floor and then a really small room which is our office/den now, its unfortunately too small to be a bedroom if you ask me so a playroom it will become lol

  6. Obsessed with those teepee's! Ever since seeing the kick ass tent in The Holiday, I'm determined to have an awesome tent for my kids :) Love all your ideas!