Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day & 26 Weeks

Baby girl, you are 26 weeks old today (aka 1/2 year)!! Daddy and I were talking about this last night and we feel like you've only been here for 3 months, so that's what we'll call you! 3 months! :) Jusssst kidding, but really, 1/2 year?!? Before I know it, I'll be planning your FIRST birthday!!!

This week was a little goofy. One day you would be in the best mood & the next you cried alllll day! I left you with Daddy one night while I went to get my hair done and you would NOT take the bottle for him. He said you screamed for a good 30 minutes but when I got home you were fine!  I think you are a momma's girl (which I'm secretly excited about!) but you just don't like dealing with the bottle, you'd rather have it straight from the source! 

You are sitting up SO good! Sunday we were practicing but you were still pretty wobbly and then Monday came and it was like a whole new person. We didn't have to hold you and were just sitting up playing with toys, watching your toons, acting like it was no big deal! 

I gave you a sippy cup over the weekend just to see if you could hold it. You tried so hard to get it to your mouth but I had to help hold it there. I put a little bit of water in it just to see if you could get it out and you mastered it. Your face was priceless when you got the water, you had no idea what it was and you basically would spit it out. Your shirt was soaked. 

Your sleep has been good this week. You go down at 9:30 and wake at 3:30 for a quick feed and are back down until 7:30-8:00. I can handle that! 

Well, you will officially be 6 months on Saturday so I'll be back with your 6 month check- in!!

Love you for always!
Momma & Daddy


  1. half a year old already! My oh my...I can't even handle how crazy that seems! Our babies are growing too fast!

    Happy Valentine's Day Keigan... hopefully we all meet someday this Spring :)

    PS- Rilyn has had some fussy days lately too.. just between 5pm til 730 when she gets a bath but I am so not used to it, she never cried or got fussy as a newborn so I was all, what did you do with my content baby?! Lol, but she did get a tooth so I am guessing its because of that.. it explains her "irritability" lol

    1. It seriously makes me sad!! I can't even believe it!!

      Ohh, we def. need to meet up once the weather gets nice! Maybe we could go shopping and lunch?! :)

      I keep waiting for a tooth to pop up but there doesn't feel like there's one close! That's what I keep saying every time she's fussy is there has to e a tooth breaking through but nope, she is just being a little fussy pants! Lol

    2. ya we definitely will.. I wonder what is halfway between Pgh and you? I think there is outlets in Washington PA, or somewhere like that.. we could always shoot for that in the Spring :)

      I bet you she is though, only because for nearly 2 months now on and off Ry has been irritable but no sign of a tooth... hers is only slightly through the gum, like halfway, but its definitely above the gumline now. Also, the day she cut it, she had a fever of 99.3, Dr said its completely normal and anything under 1 degree higher than normal temp is most likely teething. But then again, who knows with these little ladies! They have a mind of their own and could be fussy for no reason at all!!

    3. Yep, Washington has the Tanger Outlets! I go there quite often when the weather is nice! We'll make it a date!

      I'm hoping that is why she's so fussy! We haven't had a fever yet but I'll be on the lookout :) thanks for the tips!

  2. Happy vday!! She looks precious in her outfit!! I really love the mesh food feeders in your post above!! Those things are awesome.