Sunday, March 31, 2013

Keigan's First Easter

Our holidays are jam packed with visiting our families. We have at least three places that we need to visit and don't get me wrong, I LOVE it but we are all so exhausted by the end of the day. 
This morning, Keigan woke up to find her Easter basket filled with all kinds of goodies! The Easter Bunny sure was good to our little chick this year! 

Then we went to Dave's moms for our brunch, which was delicious! I'm a breakfast kind of gal so it was perfect! The menu consisted of french toast, eggs, bacon, doughnuts and topped it off with some yummy mimosas. Perfection. 

Little missy got her very first Radio Flyer wagon! She loved riding around in it all morning. 

Next up was my grandma's for lunch. My mom got her so many adorable summer outfits and her Zany Zoo Activity Cube! She already loves it. She has been pulling herself up like she's been doing it forever. 

We ended out our day at Dave's grandma's for dinner. We had more yummy food (which I was stuffed by this point!) and watched the Duke vs Louisville game. I was rooting for Duke since I had them winning it all in my bracket which that turned out to be a big fail! 
I hope you all had a Happy Easter, friends! :) 


Thursday, March 28, 2013

32 Weeks

"Is there any way to get me out of here?" 

Miss Keigan, you are already 32 weeks old! You are getting more and more fun each week! I think you know that the Easter bunny is coming this weekend because you have been on your best behavior! You have been so chatty and smiley this week. 
Your sleep has been pretty awful this week. You would go down for the night fine but when you woke up to eat and I'd lay you back in bed, you'd scream bloody murder. So I would pick you back up and you'd be fine and fall asleep instantly. I'd do this again and you'd scream again. I had no clue what was going on. Eventually you would be fine but it took me sometimes an hour to get you to go to sleep! Talk about one tired momma. You've been sleeping better the past few nights, fingers crossed you are over that!!! 
So, I think you are going to walk before you crawl! I was walking by 9 months so maybe you will take after your momma on that one! When I put you on your hands and knees, you will rock and stay up for a while but then just fall over. I try putting a toy in front of you trying to get you to move to get it and nothin. You just roll all over the place until you get what you want, it's pretty cute ;) 
You are not much of a breakfast eater. Dinner on the other hand, you inhale. You could eat an entire pouch if I'd let you! I'm afraid you'll get a tummy ache if you eat the whole thing! You are loving your puffs! I give those to you in the afternoon for your snack and you are getting really good with getting them in your mouth! I was cleaning up the kitchen the other day while you were busy with those and I look over and you had 3 in your mouth!!! I had a heart attack! You smiled so big but I had to take 2 of them out and now I watch you like a hawk while you eat! 
You LOVE music these days! I play some tunes while we play in your room and you just light up! Our current favorites are Daughter by Loudon Wainwright III and the entire Jack Johnson En Concert album! 
I'm so excited to celebrate your first Easter this weekend! Our day is going to be full but I wouldn't want it any other way :) 
Happy 32 weeks, love bug! 

Tell Us Thursday

Here we are for our second week of Tell Us Thursday! Erikka over at the life of lil miss is doing such a fun link-up every Thursday with 3 questions to answer and it gets to know the other bloggers! 

Here are the questions for this week:
1. what was the name you chose for the opposite sex? {in lamens terms- if you had a girl, what was the name you chose if she would have been a boy?} 
We had a tie between Karsen and Carter. I was going to leave it up to Dave at the hospital if lil miss came out a boy! If we were to have a boy next though, we are going to have a blank slate because there were a few little boys born with those names in the area and I don't want him to have such a common name! :)

2. where is your favorite dinner spot & dish? {could be a restaurant, home, park- wherever!}
I am obsessed with the Parmesan Crusted Chicken from Longhorn Steakhouse. Oh. My. Gosh. Give me that with a Strawberry Daiquiri and I'm set! Dave and I love this chicken so much that we do make our own version and it is pretty darn good ;)

3. when do you typically take shower {or bathe} & favorite product to use while gettin' "silky smooth"{ever see the movie don't mess with the zohan?} 
I'm a night shower girl! I work out in the afternoon or evenings and I can't go to bed without showering (EW!) but I also can't shower twice a day or my skin would be dry as a bone. My husband could shower 3 times a day, no problem. I have to tell him to stop showering because he racks up the water bill! Haha. My favorite products for the shower is my Pantene Pro-V Blonde Expression shampoo and conditioner and Pink Fresh & Clean Body Scrub. I love the way they both smell and I leave the shower feeling so fresh and so clean, clean ( sorry, I had to do that!)  ;) 

Happy Thursday Friends :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

31 Weeks

Sweet pea, this week went exceptionally fast for some reason. I almost wrote 30 weeks on your chalkboard! 

This past weekend we celebrated your 7 month old self! We went to dinner, which you sat in a highchair and were such an angel that a woman wanted to adopt us! Haha! 
After dinner, we spent an hour at Lowe's picking out everything for the recroom, spent 45 minutes picking out carpet and another hour picking out our furniture! You were awesome! We didn't hear a peep from you the whole time! 
You  got to see Daddy play hockey for the first time this week! His games are normally at 9:30-10:00pm and is wayyy to late for us to be out but he was in an all-star game that started at 8:30 so I thought it would be the perfect time to go! You were awesome and stayed awake the whole time we were there! 
You are getting closer to crawling! If I lay you on your stomach you want to be on your hands and knees and you just rock until you get tired and then you collapse. I just know it will be happening soon! 
Daddy has a hockey tournament this weekend and won't be home Saturday and most of the day Sunday so we are going to have a girls shopping trip to pick out decorations for the recroom/ playroom! We are both really excited :) I'm just excited that we will have a playroom to spend time in (& get the living room and nursery to be somewhat toy free!). 
You have been extremely giggly this week! If I do anything silly, you just belly laugh until I stop! Your new favorite song is "The Wheels on the Bus" especially since I use your arms and legs as the wheels, windows and wipers!! ;) We sing it a few hundred mutiple times through the day! 

Another week has come and gone and I've fallen even more in love with you and your adorable personality! Love you baby girl! 

Xoxo, Momma

PS: It takes me a while to get a decent (one where she is actually looking at me) picture these days so here are the outtakes ;) 


Tell Us Thursday

Erikka over at the life of lil miss is doing a fun link up on Thursday's so I'd thought I'd join in :) I love getting to know my other blogger momma's so this should be fun! Join in with us, would ya?! 

1. Who do you most look up to? {why}
I would say my husband. He is such a hard worker and let's me stay home with Keigan and he knows how much that means to me. You never hear him complain about working, like ever! He has been an awesome dad for Keigan & loves taking naps spending time with her when he gets home from work. Those two sure know how to melt my heart!  He's pretty awesome :) 

2. What is one thing you would NEVER be able to give up? 
I would say my iPhone? If I forget it at home or it goes dead, I lose my mind! I know that sounds really lame but it's true. I especially hate it when I forget it and I'm driving! I always think my car will break down and I will have no way of calling anyone! I usually quadruple double check every time I leave but there have been a handful of times that it's happened! Ugh.. 

3. When was the last time you went to the movies? {what did you see and with whom?} 
I really had to think about this one! I'm thinking it was to see Magic Mike with my mom and sister last June/July!! The 3 of us had so much fun and the entire theater was oohing and aahing through the movie! I've been wanting to do a date night and go to the movies but there just aren't any movies that are out that I can't wait until they come out on DVD! 

Head over to Erikka's page and link up with us!! Happy Thursday Friends! 


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jumping Ship & 6 Month Favorites

Since I've been reading that Google Reader will be shutting down this summer, I decided to jump ship with everyone else and now I'm on Bloglovin. You can follow me HERE!
Now on to our 6 month favorites! This month little miss has been sitting up and playing with anything that is in front of her! This list does NOT include my phone, iPad or the remote control that she constantly wants! 
Aveeno LotionBath Toys. Teething Keys.
Fruit Bars. Boon SpoonPuffs. 
Since the weather has been extremely dry here these days, she has had a couple of dry patches on her sweet sensitive skin and this Aveeno lotion does the trick! We use all of the Aveeno products and we love them! 
These bath toys are so cute and she giggles every time I squirt her with the water! These are a win-win item in our book :) 
Since sweet pea cut 2 teeth this month, these keys have been a real lifesaver! I leave them in the fridge until she cries bloody murder needs them and they really help sooth her little gums! 
The Fruit Bars are for both Keigan and I! We have a Popsicle before bath time each night! They must feel really good on her gums and taste delicious! because she can't get enough of these! She tries grabbing it right out of my hands and normally cries when it's all gone! 
I use this Boon Squirt Spoon whenever we are on the go! I fill it up with her food if I know we are 
going to be gone  during one of her meals and stick it in the diaper bag! There is no mess and are so handy with just having to squirt the food right onto the spoon! 
We just started eating puffs last week but since she learned they go in her mouth and not on the floor she can't get them in her mouth fast enough! She tries putting multiple puffs in her little mouth at once but since I'm always standing guard, she only gets away with one at a time ;) 
There ya have it, our favorite items that we use on a daily basis! I hope this helps with any of your little ones! :) 
Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

7 Months

I would say she's in the 15 lbs range?! Every time I look at her I think her cheeks get bigger! So darn cute!!

No sickies here!! She didn't even get a fever when her teeth (yes, plural!!!) came through! 
You can see her shiny little tooth on the bottom :) Her other one isn't all the way through yet! 
We have been eating 3 meals a day! Just this week she tried puffs and loves them (or the fact that I cheer and clap every time she swallows!). I can tell with all of this food that she's packing on the pounds now! I found a new arm roll this week & I'm loving it!

Give me some food, Mom!!
She's had a couple of days where she cries her little heart out but after seeing her 2 teeth come through, I think that has something to do with that! she also cries when she's hungry or over-tired. Normal baby stuff.. 

Her naps have been the same, four 30 minute naps a day! I wish she would have a couple longer naps so I can get a few things done around the house! She still sleeps from 9:30-6:30 with a 2am feed. Not too shabby.. 
She's wearing all 3-6 and some 6-12 month. I went through and cleaned out her dresser this week. The amount of clothes this girl has had and grown out of already is crazy!! 

We got out a bit more this month since the weather is slowwwwly warming up! We had a girls dinner date this past weekend and she cried for most of dinner so it wasn't the relaxing dinner I thought it would be. She was exhausted and did eventually fall asleep after we walked around the restaurant a few hundred times! We also got out and went for walks this week! We loved getting a little Vitamin D from the sunshine! We are ready for summer!!! 

Her two bottom teeth came in this month! Big, big milestone!! When she shows me that big smile and I now see little teeth, I die!! I've been working hard on getting a picture but she's very private with them ;)  Also, another big milestone is eating the Puffs. She knows that she has to chew them before she swallows, that's a pretty big step! 

And here are a couple outtakes from our photo shoot...
This face cracks me up!! 


Thursday, March 14, 2013

30 Weeks

Baby Girl, you are the big 3-0 this week!!! You are going to be 7 months in 2 days!!! Whattttt?! 

Your personality is out-of-this-world cute! There are some days that I think my heart is going to explode from your cuteness! Blowing raspberries ALL day is your thing. You get really frustrated when something doesn't fit in that mouth of yours. You love to talk. You don't like it when I walk out of the room. You want everything in your sight, nothing is off limits with you. 
Your tooth is coming in and I THINK the one beside it is about to cut through!! Your gums look different there so I'm thinking another one is on its way! That could explain your crying episodes. 
You still don't realize that you can move to get your toys. We have crawling practice everyday. Just last night when I put you on your hands and knees, you started rocking and stayed up for a while! I'm thinking crawling won't be too far down the road! 

I gave you some puffs yesterday. I really just wanted to see if you could pick them up. You did that and tried putting them in your mouth! I freaked out the first couple of times you ate them! I gave you the smaller pieces first and you weren't sure what was going on but every time you swallowed, I cheered and clapped and you loved that, you'd get the biggest smile on your face!  :) 

This past weekend, the weather was beautiful (70 degrees!!!!) and we got to go on a couple long walks!! You LOVED it! You kicked those little legs the entire time we were out! I don't think you knew what the sun was (considering we have been in hibernation since October!) and your eyes were watery so I put these adorable shades on and all was well! 

Love you babes!!! 
Xoxo, Momma


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Parenting Scares

I don't know about you but the one major thing that scares me most about parenting is how we (my hubby and I) are going to raise our children. I'm always thinking, "What if we do something wrong? What if we forget something? What if they grow up to be brats?"  I want them to be loving, treat others how you want to be treated, social butterflies. I know there will be times when they throw a tantrum at the store because they don't get a toy they want & it will happen more than once. I'm hoping that when those times come, I will know what to do and what to say. 

My parents were awesome and raised my sister and I perfectly. They were so loving and showed us that every. single. day. But also knew when to be firm and get their point across. I remember when I was in school and would see someone sitting by themselves at lunch, I would ask them to come sit with me and my friends because I felt awful that they didn't have someone to talk to. I hope Keigan does the same. I hope she sticks up for herself and others when she sees someone being bullied. I want her to have a big and open heart and never judge anyone. I want her to be a free spirit and be the best friend anyone could have. I want her to always be open and try new things. And I hope Dave and I will be able to teach her all of that. 

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I don't know if it's because she is getting older and we can start teaching her between right and wrong or if it's because I want to be prepared and have a plan for when that time comes when she does throw a fit in the store. Either way, it's making me nervous. I hope it comes naturally and we will just know what to do when that time comes. Parenting has such a big role on who your children grow up to be and how they develop through the years. I don't want to make a mistake. I want to be the best parent I can be. I want Keigan to be proud to call us her parents. 

 Anyone else feeling this way?! Are there any books I can read up on that have good parenting strategies and tips? 

& I will leave you with this adorable little bumblebee! :) 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Liebster Award

First of all, I would like to thank Ashley over at Words About Waverly for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I feel so honored that I'm getting recognition for my little blog that I created a few months ago for my little Keigan! Thanks again Ashley!! 

The Rules: 
1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves. 
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and then create  11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to next. 
3. Choose new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post. 
4. Go back to their page and tell them about it. 
5. No tag backs. 

My Random Facts: 
1. I've always wanted a big family growing up with a bunch of kids running around! I'd like to have 4 little ones, we will see how my husband takes that ;) 
2. My husband is my very best friend. He makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts and in tears every day! 
3. A fun night for me is game nights with my family. We always make some pretty BA appetizers and dips to veg on! Going to the bar is for the birds... 
4. Full House remains my favorite TV show. There's just something about those Tanner's... 
5. I have never had a hamburger from a fast food restaurant, EVER! They just don't look like real hamburgers. I could have a hamburger for dinner every night in the summer cooked on the grill at home though. 
6. My obsession for banana bread is out of this world. If there is a loaf in our house, I eat the entire thing myself in 1 day. No flippin joke! 
7. I was on the swim team in high school. As much as I hated it, I was in killer shape! I wish I had the time for a good swim practice workout. 
8. Working out is my stress reliever. I try to work out at least 5 days a week.  
9. I love children's books. Keigan's book collection is cray! My dream job is to write children's books one day. I can dream.. 
10. Country music is my favorite. There is literally a song for everything. 
11. I'm an adrenaline junky. I want to sky dive in the worst way! 

The 11 Questions from Ashley and my Answers: 
1.  What room in your house is your favorite to be in? I would say the nursery. We spend a majority of our day in there playing and just hanging out. It's very peaceful!
2. What is the first thing you notice about people? Their smile. It really tells what their personality is like. Friendly smiles are my favorite :) 
3. What is your favorite item of clothing and why? My Sperry Angelfish Boat Shoes. I could wear them every day, even in 5 inches of snow. They are just so darn comfy! 
4. What is the next planned event you are looking forward to?  I would say Easter! Easter brunch, Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets, Easter candy, family.. Ahh! I'm so excited! 
5. Sunrise or sunset- Are you a morning or night person? If you would have asked me this before Keigan came along I would have said I'm a night person but that changed when she came along. I love waking up to her smile. I also enjoy my coffee while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 
6. What is the most peaceful day you ever had? It was actually a week of peace when my family went to the beach this past summer. I was 29 weeks pregnant, I sat by the water and read books while drinking my few hundred glasses of water. It was so relaxing. I know the next time we go to the beach I will be chasing a toddler and probably won't sit down the entire week ;) 
7. What is the best gift someone could give you? Keigan, for sure. And that goes for any of my future children too (seeing as I want 3 more!)! 
8. When was the last time you cried? Two days ago. I went in to check on Keigan when she was napping and she looked so peaceful and I got emotional. I'm not a crazy person that cries every time they look at their child, I swear! Motherhood will do that to ya! 
9. What is your warmest birthday memory? I would say this past birthday actually. My birthday is August 14th and Keigan was due August 28th so we were all so excited for her big arrival. 2 days later, we had our bundle of joy! It's awesome our birthdays are so close, we will forever be celebrating big that week! 
10. What were you doing before you started writing this blog post? I just fed Keigan her lunch, which she wasn't into at all! 
11. Why did you start writing your blog? I wanted Keigan to be able to read this when she's older. It's so easy to write it here. I also have a baby book for her that I am a little behind on. Oops! 

I'm nominating: 
Taylor at A Princess Made Mommy
Kristin at The Isaacson Family
Molly at Miss Momma Molly
Rorie at Imperfect Obsession

The Questions I'm Giving them to Answer: 
1. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why? 
2. What is your favorite meal to make? 
3. If you had $1,000,000, what would you do with it? 
4. What would be YOUR perfect day? 
5. What is your motto to live by? 
6. What is your guilty pleasure? 
7. What is your favorite holiday and why? 
8. What is your LEAST favorite chore? 
9. What is your favorite store to shop for yourself? 
10. Why did you start writing your blog?
11. Are you a warm or cold weather person?

29 Weeks

Hey munchkin... slow down, would ya?!

Check out that smile! Omg! 

Let's start out with a BIG milestone.. You cut your first tooth last Friday! While I was giving you a bath, I always wash your gums and feel around for any teeth and low and behold, I did! I can finally see your tiny little tooth poking up through and I melt every time you smile and I see it! I was talking to Grammy the other night talking about it and it makes me sad in a way because you are literally growing before my eyes! There were a couple of times this week that I would look at you and I think how big you really are! Where did my tiny 6 lb baby go?! 

You were such a joy this week! I was expecting some signs of your tooth coming in but nope,  nothin! You were probably the happiest I've seen you in a while! Everything is making you giggle now and I LOVE it!!

Yesterday we went to your first Kindermusik class! You had a ball playing with the instruments and seeing all of the other babies your age! You got a little cranky at the end of class because you were tired but overall I think you had fun!!! I didn't get to take any pictures because we were to busy singing and dancing ;) 

We are really getting your meals down and you are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of the time you love eating but there are some days you show zero interest. You haven't been drinking as much milk either, not sure if it's from your tooth or because the fruits and veggies are filling you up but it's making me pretty uncomfortable at times! I even had a clogged milk duct last weekend, talk about pain!!!!

Happy 29 Weeks Babe!

Xoxo, Momma

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easter Essentials

I've seen a couple other mommy blogs post their little one's Easter basket so I thought I'd post what our little princess would have in her basket waiting on her Easter morning! 

This list does not include the few outfits that will also be in there! ;)

I've always loved Easter. Maybe it was because my mom is the BEST basket hider on this side of town or the awesome egg hunts we would have at my Grandma's with all of my cousins but I always looked forward to Easter! I can not wait for Keigan to feel the same way and share the love I have for this holiday. Obviously, she couldn't have the bunny mix M&M's this year (you better believe they will be waiting for her next year!) so I wanted to include a little "treat" that she could enjoy this year, I put in some yummy yogurt melts and puffs for her! 

There ya have it, Keigan's Easter basket!

 Please share some of your traditions, I'd love to get some ideas for next year! :) 


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Have you all heard of the book Chicka Chcika Boom Boom? Well, it'd one of my favorites. I don't know if it's because I'm going to be an elementary school teacher but the rhyming and the ABC's is just awesome ;) Well, I was reading the book to Keigan the other day and every time I got to the point in the book where it says 'chicka chicka boom boom', she would giggle so hard! I was dying. 
Last night we went to visit my sister and I was telling her about it. She started saying it and Keigan was giggling all over again! We got a little video but I apologize because the lighting is not the best but you can still hear her sweet little giggle! 

Ugh, isn't she so stinkin' cute?!?