Thursday, March 14, 2013

30 Weeks

Baby Girl, you are the big 3-0 this week!!! You are going to be 7 months in 2 days!!! Whattttt?! 

Your personality is out-of-this-world cute! There are some days that I think my heart is going to explode from your cuteness! Blowing raspberries ALL day is your thing. You get really frustrated when something doesn't fit in that mouth of yours. You love to talk. You don't like it when I walk out of the room. You want everything in your sight, nothing is off limits with you. 
Your tooth is coming in and I THINK the one beside it is about to cut through!! Your gums look different there so I'm thinking another one is on its way! That could explain your crying episodes. 
You still don't realize that you can move to get your toys. We have crawling practice everyday. Just last night when I put you on your hands and knees, you started rocking and stayed up for a while! I'm thinking crawling won't be too far down the road! 

I gave you some puffs yesterday. I really just wanted to see if you could pick them up. You did that and tried putting them in your mouth! I freaked out the first couple of times you ate them! I gave you the smaller pieces first and you weren't sure what was going on but every time you swallowed, I cheered and clapped and you loved that, you'd get the biggest smile on your face!  :) 

This past weekend, the weather was beautiful (70 degrees!!!!) and we got to go on a couple long walks!! You LOVED it! You kicked those little legs the entire time we were out! I don't think you knew what the sun was (considering we have been in hibernation since October!) and your eyes were watery so I put these adorable shades on and all was well! 

Love you babes!!! 
Xoxo, Momma



  1. your newest follower just saying hello :) your little girl is so cute! time flies, mine just turned one!

    1. Hello!!!! :) thank you for the follow! I just followed your blog! Sienna is gorgeous! <3