Thursday, March 28, 2013

32 Weeks

"Is there any way to get me out of here?" 

Miss Keigan, you are already 32 weeks old! You are getting more and more fun each week! I think you know that the Easter bunny is coming this weekend because you have been on your best behavior! You have been so chatty and smiley this week. 
Your sleep has been pretty awful this week. You would go down for the night fine but when you woke up to eat and I'd lay you back in bed, you'd scream bloody murder. So I would pick you back up and you'd be fine and fall asleep instantly. I'd do this again and you'd scream again. I had no clue what was going on. Eventually you would be fine but it took me sometimes an hour to get you to go to sleep! Talk about one tired momma. You've been sleeping better the past few nights, fingers crossed you are over that!!! 
So, I think you are going to walk before you crawl! I was walking by 9 months so maybe you will take after your momma on that one! When I put you on your hands and knees, you will rock and stay up for a while but then just fall over. I try putting a toy in front of you trying to get you to move to get it and nothin. You just roll all over the place until you get what you want, it's pretty cute ;) 
You are not much of a breakfast eater. Dinner on the other hand, you inhale. You could eat an entire pouch if I'd let you! I'm afraid you'll get a tummy ache if you eat the whole thing! You are loving your puffs! I give those to you in the afternoon for your snack and you are getting really good with getting them in your mouth! I was cleaning up the kitchen the other day while you were busy with those and I look over and you had 3 in your mouth!!! I had a heart attack! You smiled so big but I had to take 2 of them out and now I watch you like a hawk while you eat! 
You LOVE music these days! I play some tunes while we play in your room and you just light up! Our current favorites are Daughter by Loudon Wainwright III and the entire Jack Johnson En Concert album! 
I'm so excited to celebrate your first Easter this weekend! Our day is going to be full but I wouldn't want it any other way :) 
Happy 32 weeks, love bug! 


  1. I'm dying over that first picture... She looks like such an angel!! Her outfit, where is it from? I love it and must have one. Claire is doing the same thing with crawling. Today she got up on all four and launched herself forward, landing on her face. She also sometimes crystal when I lay her down, but quickly learned that if I lay her on her tummy she stays asleep. I will roll her onto her back when I go to bed. Good luck and happy 32 weeks beautiful girl!

  2. Love that outfit. I think my little mini has those leggings. :) Your daughter is gorgeous! Is she teething? When my Kenzie Love would scream & cry when I laid her down or tried to BF her, people told me it could be teething or it could just be pressure in her ears. Kenz case it was teething. Idk if either is the case for your mini.

  3. Happy 32 weeks girly!!! I love watching you grow and wish we could have play dates!! Your the cutest Miss K!!

  4. what a cutie!! puffs are a huge hit in our house!