Sunday, March 17, 2013

7 Months

I would say she's in the 15 lbs range?! Every time I look at her I think her cheeks get bigger! So darn cute!!

No sickies here!! She didn't even get a fever when her teeth (yes, plural!!!) came through! 
You can see her shiny little tooth on the bottom :) Her other one isn't all the way through yet! 
We have been eating 3 meals a day! Just this week she tried puffs and loves them (or the fact that I cheer and clap every time she swallows!). I can tell with all of this food that she's packing on the pounds now! I found a new arm roll this week & I'm loving it!

Give me some food, Mom!!
She's had a couple of days where she cries her little heart out but after seeing her 2 teeth come through, I think that has something to do with that! she also cries when she's hungry or over-tired. Normal baby stuff.. 

Her naps have been the same, four 30 minute naps a day! I wish she would have a couple longer naps so I can get a few things done around the house! She still sleeps from 9:30-6:30 with a 2am feed. Not too shabby.. 
She's wearing all 3-6 and some 6-12 month. I went through and cleaned out her dresser this week. The amount of clothes this girl has had and grown out of already is crazy!! 

We got out a bit more this month since the weather is slowwwwly warming up! We had a girls dinner date this past weekend and she cried for most of dinner so it wasn't the relaxing dinner I thought it would be. She was exhausted and did eventually fall asleep after we walked around the restaurant a few hundred times! We also got out and went for walks this week! We loved getting a little Vitamin D from the sunshine! We are ready for summer!!! 

Her two bottom teeth came in this month! Big, big milestone!! When she shows me that big smile and I now see little teeth, I die!! I've been working hard on getting a picture but she's very private with them ;)  Also, another big milestone is eating the Puffs. She knows that she has to chew them before she swallows, that's a pretty big step! 

And here are a couple outtakes from our photo shoot...
This face cracks me up!! 



  1. Oh she is too cute!! I can't wait to meet her (hopefully sometime soon)! Her little Bee Jammies are so darn cute...and I love the big girl take on her holding the chalkboard now, she's like Mom, I got this! Happy 7 Months Keigan :)

    1. This weather just needs to cooperate so we can go shopppppping! :) Haha, she's a pro with the chalkboard! Gotta love her! :)

  2. Happy 7 Months baby girl!!! I can't believe she has two teeth! Harper loves puffs too and they can entertain her for hours!!

    1. 2 teeth!!! I know, it's crazy how fast they came in! & the puffs are awesome! It's adorable watching her try so hard to get them in her mouth! Haha!

  3. Two teeth?! Wow!! We are still waiting! Happy Seven Months!!

  4. what a babe!
    I wanted to cry when I had to buy Kenzie 6 month clothing the other day lol.

  5. Hi Jocelyn! Found your blog through some other mommy bloggers and just have to say Keigan is SO adorable!