Friday, April 26, 2013

36 Weeks

Holy cow, this week flew right on by. We had a very low key week but we had fun hanging out at home. We had a couple of nice days where we went for walks (which you LOVE) and you just talk and check out everything. 
You had your first college experience. I went to my school to meet with a friend for lunch and everyone was stopping to talk to you and to say how adorable you were (Uhhh, hello?! Is that even a question?!). I think you seriously enjoyed yourself because you sat there talking and smiling at everyone, you little flirt! ;)

You get this ornery little smile now when you crawl to somewhere you are not supposed to be! I think it's cute and I laugh about it now but I have a feeling you are going to be giving your dad and I a run for our money! From what I hear, your dad was quite the ornery little boy (& still is!!) 
so it looks like you will be taking after him!! ;)

I have a bachelorette party tonight so you and your dad are going to have a "Daddy/Daughter date night." Talk about sweetness! Seeing the two of you hang out and play just melts my heart. I love seeing how excited you get when you see him come home from work. So, so cute! 

I have been giving you more tastes of big people food! You loved oranges so I let you have some of my mandarin oranges for lunch the other day. You inhaled them. I gave you a taste of mashed potatoes, you were not a fan. You made the most awful face. They must be too plain for your taste, you are more of a sweet tooth kind of girl ;)

The weeks with you keep getting more fun! I look forward to seeing your personality shine through more and more each day! I love you SO much sweet girl!!! 


Monday, April 22, 2013

Working Moms...

I give you a LOT of credit to get yourself to work on time! 

I can not for the life of me get to work on time no matter how early I wake up. I work Monday mornings until 12 or 1. That's it. & I still can't get there on time. Before Keigan came along, I would pride myself on always being on time for everything. I knew how to allot myself enough time to get ready but that went out the window when she came along. I'm never on time anymore. 

I have to be at work by 8:30 but for me it's more like 8:35 or 8:40. I try to get some things ready Sunday nights to free up some time in the mornings. I usually will shower /wash my hair Sunday nights as well to give myself a little extra time to sleep in but last night I didn't wash my hair (Ew!) so I set my alarm for 5:30 to give myself plenty of time to get ready before she woke up. 

My morning looked a little something like this: 
5:30- Keigan wakes up crying so I nurse her back to sleep
5:45- Wash my hair
6:00- Make up/ dry & style my hair
6:30- Pump 
6:45- Wash pump parts, get diaper bag/bottles/food ready 
6:55- Eat breakfast
7:00- Wake Keigan/ diaper change/ get her dressed
7:10- Make bed, get myself dressed
7:20- Nurse Keigan
7:30- Pack up toys, pack my lunch, get coffee ready
7:40- Drop Keigan off at my MIL's 
7:50- Come back and pick Sadie up
8:15- Drop Sadie off at Pet Camp
8:35- Arrive at work

Woah. I'm exhausted all over again. 
Thankfully my MIL lives 4 houses down from us or I'd have to leave even earlier. I also take Sadie to Pet Camp every Monday so that she can play with other dogs and she can run off some energy. She LOVES it! 

That's what our Monday mornings generally look like around here.I can't imagine doing that 5 days a week! I'm giving all you full-time working momma's a big HIGH FIVE.  

I hope you all have a great Monday (it's almost over!!)

This girl's happy Monday is almost over :) 


Friday, April 19, 2013

35 Weeks

You turned 35 weeks old yesterday! We had our first 80 degree day so we had to spend time at the park. We didn't spend as much time as I would have liked because I someone forgot the sunscreen sitting at home (fail!) so we cut it short. 

Last night, Grammy picked you up after work so that your dad and I could go pick out our new caninets (Yayyy!) & she really wanted to see you before she left for Florida today. We won't see Grammy or Pap for a whole week, longest time away since you were born. 

You are crawling everywhere! We put the baby gate up at the stairs but our kitchen and dining room floors are still plywood (and will be for another 3-4 weeks. Ugh!) and you want to go in there in the worst way. I am constantly picking you up, bringing you back in the living room and you take off again. Talk about exhausting. 

Your schedule really got off track this week and I honestly don't know how. For the longest time, you were getting your bath at 9 and were asleep by 9:30. This week, you were getting tired around 7:30-8 but I didn't want you to sleep long so I'd wake you up from your nap early. You hated it and cried through your bath because you were tired and hungry. Then there was a morning when you woke up for the day at 5:30am! I don't know where we went wrong with your schedule but we need to get you back on track ASAP! 

There are 3 cartoons that you love. You literally stop what you're doing and start smiling, they are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake & the Neverland Pirates and Sophia the First (my FAV!). I think your favorite part is when they sing. You won't do anything but sit there and watch while there is a song on. 

Your little personality is out of this world. You have been extra cuddly this week and I am eating it up. Sometimes you will just crawl over and climb into my lap. You really know how to make a momma feel good! I love you more than anything! 


Here are some other pictures from the week :) 


This is how our diaper changes go these days. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

8 Months

Holy cow, I have an 8 month old! She is now mobile and wants to get into everything she's not allowed to get into. The days of sitting her down and not worrying about where she's at or what she's into are gone. We have to baby proof and baby gate our house, like stat! 

I love this face!
I would say she's in the 16lb range. We go back to the doctors next month for her 9 month check-up (No shots at this appointment!! Yay!!) 
Little miss is so healthy, thank goodness! 
Yes, we still have plywood floors in our kitchen and dining room. It's killing me! 
She is still getting breastmilk, my goal is to go until she turns one. She gets her fruits and veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and her snack is puffs in the afternoon. I have also been giving her blueberries for breakfast and she chows down on them. I'm looking forward to giving her more and more "real" food. 

This month she has been so fun but she still has her crying episodes when she sees me walk out of a room or shes tired and hungry. Normal baby stuff.
My favorite little face!
What is sleep? Her sleeping has been pretty shitty this month, not gonna lie. I'm talking up every hour all night long. I've had a few melt downs because of my lack of sleep and not knowing why she's crying! I've heard it could be teething, gas or night terrors. When she cries, she won't open her eyes for anything, even when we change her diaper and talk to her she won't open them. It's really strange. 

She is all over the place with her clothes. She can still wear some 0-3 month jackets (crazy, I know!) and she can also fit into some of her absolutely adorable 9 month summer outfits. I have to go through her dresser and closet this week and take out all of her winter clothes and replace with her summer wardrobe. I may have a little meltdown or two.
We have finally got warmer weather up here so we have been getting out more and more. We hibernated all winter so we have had a few trips to the park and many walks already! I'm looking forward to pool days and just spending time outside! 

7:30- Diaper Change, Nurse and up for the day
7:30-8:30-Cartoons/ Playtime
8:30- Breakfast (fruits)
9:00-10:00- Playtime
10:00-11:00- Nap/ Nurse
12:00-Lunch (Veggies)
2:00- Snack (Puffs and Sippy Cup)
4:00-5:00- Playtime with Daddy
5:00-Dinner (Veggies)
6:00- Walk/ Spend time outside
7:00-8:00- Nap/Nurse
8:00-8:30- Hang out/Read Books
8:30- Bathtime!
9:00- Nurse/ Bedtime

This seriously doesn't go as planned when we run errands. If we are out for a while, sometimes she won't nap or eat the entire time! She is so fascinated with looking at everything that I think she forgets to nap and eat! 

This month she learned how to clap, wave AND crawl on her hands and knees! I was starting to think that she just wasn't going to crawl and go straight into walking but Friday morning she saw Sadie's dog food and crawled right to it. The rest of the day, I tried getting her to go after her toys but wanted nothing to do with them. When Dave got home from work he set out Sadie's dog bowl again and she went right after it. Why is it that babies go after what they can't have?!  


Thursday, April 11, 2013

34 Weeks

You have been in the best mood this week! Maybe it's because we actually had some nice weather! We went to the park for the first time and you loved the swings! I foresee a lot of park trips this summer :) This has been my favorite stage with you yet! You talk, giggle, clap and smile just about all day! Your little personality is so sweet! I could literally eat you up! 

Your sleeping hasn't been the best, waking up 2-3 times a night is taking a toll on me! I would love to go back to you sleeping through the night, I wouldn't require as much coffee as I do now! ;)

You have been eating three meals a day with an afternoon snack, which are your puffs. I was eating blueberries for breakfast this morning and gave you a small one. You chewed it up but it must have been sour for you because your whole body shivered when you swallowed. It was pretty funny cute. I have also been giving you water in your sippy cup once in a while. You can get the water out if I help you hold it up but if I let you do it yourself, you can't get it to your mouth. You'll get it one of these days! 

You aren't crawling yet but you are closer than you were last week! You were up on your hands and knees and you saw Sadie's food bowl and tried to go after it and actually moved one of your hands and knees to get it before falling on your belly. That's more than you've done so far! I have a feeling it will be happening soooon! Then we will have a crawler! Ahh! 

Clapping has been your thing for a few weeks now. Any time someone says "Yay Keigan!" you get a huge smile and start clapping. It's flippin' adorable! 

You are going to officially be 8 months old next week. Whattt?! Let me go cry for a minute...

Your dad and I love you so much, sweet girl! 


Here are some pictures from our day at the park :)

Aunt Meg met us :)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fashionista: Summer Edition

Our weather is finally warming up around here so it inspired me to do a little fashion show with my little mini :) She has an unbelievable summer wardrobe and I could not wait to put her in some adorable rompers and see those chubby little legs. Melting.. 

The weather is going to be 75 today so I had to bust out her summer clothes and snap some pics. 

Here is my little mini, enjoy! 

Romper: Old Navy
Sandals: Old Navy
Headband: Etsy ( I don't remember the shop)

Tank & Shorts: The Children's Place
Headband: Jameson Monroe

Hi Mom, can we go to the pool now?!
Bathing Suit: Gap

Romper: Gap
Bow: Walmart

Romper: Old Navy
Bow: Target

Now we are going to get out and enjoy this b-e-a-utiful weather :) 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Construction Site

Yep, our house looks like a construction site and it's driving me crazy! 

Some of you may know we are in the process of finishing our rec room. We have been on a roll for a few weeks and have the carpet and furniture picked out and paid for. I was going to go shopping this weekend for playroom goodies and the rest of the decorations for the room. 

But... last week we had a big set back. I went downstairs to turn a light out that Dave left on the night before and I thought I heard a dripping noise but it wasn't a steady drip and didn't think much until I heard it again right before heading back upstairs. I turned the light back on to see this... 

Our carpet was soaked and obviously the ceiling is ruined. The carpet wasn't a huge deal 
since we are getting new anyway but the ceiling was a bummer. I wasn't really sure exactly where this water was coming from but our kitchen is right above it so I was guessing  it had something to do with the fridge? But I also thought if it was coming from the kitchen, wouldn't I know if there was a leak? 

I sent the bad news to Dave with some pictures. He was having an awful day to begin with and then I poured this on him. He wasn't pleased to say the least.. 
A couple of days before this happened, Dave noticed that our hardwood floors in the kitchen were kind of bubbling up in front of the fridge. He asked me about it and I didn't really notice anything crazy so we just brushed it off. Oops..

There was a pin hole leak in one of the hoses that went to the fridge and was going into the cracks of the wall and floor causing the bubbling in the kitchen floors and the ruined ceiling & carpet in our rec room. 
We had to take up our hardwood floors in the kitchen and dining room, the carpet in the rec room and we are waiting to hear if we need to get new cabinets from the water damage. We aren't sure if this is a blessing in disguise or if karma will come and bite us in the ass. We have always wanted to redo our kitchen since we moved in but that was going to be the most expensive so we have been holding off. This looks like it's going to be our chance, especially if the cabinets come through for us. We should be hearing something back from our insurance company today about that. My fingers have been crossed! 

Here is what our kitchen has looked like for the past week:

Nice, right? We have been bumming meals off of our parent's for the past week. I could technically cook but I have no motivation when I don't have kitchen floors and our fridge is hanging out in the living room. I'm ready for things to be done and be back in working order.

 I can't wait to share our 'after' pictures :)