Thursday, April 11, 2013

34 Weeks

You have been in the best mood this week! Maybe it's because we actually had some nice weather! We went to the park for the first time and you loved the swings! I foresee a lot of park trips this summer :) This has been my favorite stage with you yet! You talk, giggle, clap and smile just about all day! Your little personality is so sweet! I could literally eat you up! 

Your sleeping hasn't been the best, waking up 2-3 times a night is taking a toll on me! I would love to go back to you sleeping through the night, I wouldn't require as much coffee as I do now! ;)

You have been eating three meals a day with an afternoon snack, which are your puffs. I was eating blueberries for breakfast this morning and gave you a small one. You chewed it up but it must have been sour for you because your whole body shivered when you swallowed. It was pretty funny cute. I have also been giving you water in your sippy cup once in a while. You can get the water out if I help you hold it up but if I let you do it yourself, you can't get it to your mouth. You'll get it one of these days! 

You aren't crawling yet but you are closer than you were last week! You were up on your hands and knees and you saw Sadie's food bowl and tried to go after it and actually moved one of your hands and knees to get it before falling on your belly. That's more than you've done so far! I have a feeling it will be happening soooon! Then we will have a crawler! Ahh! 

Clapping has been your thing for a few weeks now. Any time someone says "Yay Keigan!" you get a huge smile and start clapping. It's flippin' adorable! 

You are going to officially be 8 months old next week. Whattt?! Let me go cry for a minute...

Your dad and I love you so much, sweet girl! 


Here are some pictures from our day at the park :)

Aunt Meg met us :)


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