Friday, April 26, 2013

36 Weeks

Holy cow, this week flew right on by. We had a very low key week but we had fun hanging out at home. We had a couple of nice days where we went for walks (which you LOVE) and you just talk and check out everything. 
You had your first college experience. I went to my school to meet with a friend for lunch and everyone was stopping to talk to you and to say how adorable you were (Uhhh, hello?! Is that even a question?!). I think you seriously enjoyed yourself because you sat there talking and smiling at everyone, you little flirt! ;)

You get this ornery little smile now when you crawl to somewhere you are not supposed to be! I think it's cute and I laugh about it now but I have a feeling you are going to be giving your dad and I a run for our money! From what I hear, your dad was quite the ornery little boy (& still is!!) 
so it looks like you will be taking after him!! ;)

I have a bachelorette party tonight so you and your dad are going to have a "Daddy/Daughter date night." Talk about sweetness! Seeing the two of you hang out and play just melts my heart. I love seeing how excited you get when you see him come home from work. So, so cute! 

I have been giving you more tastes of big people food! You loved oranges so I let you have some of my mandarin oranges for lunch the other day. You inhaled them. I gave you a taste of mashed potatoes, you were not a fan. You made the most awful face. They must be too plain for your taste, you are more of a sweet tooth kind of girl ;)

The weeks with you keep getting more fun! I look forward to seeing your personality shine through more and more each day! I love you SO much sweet girl!!! 



  1. That second picture! So stinkin cute! She totally looks like she knows what she's doing :)

  2. What a stinker! I love that smile that they do when they know they might be in trouble lol! We will probably not be laughing in a few years ;)