Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tell Us Thursday

It's Thursday again! That means hop on over to Erikka's page and link-up with us :) 
Here are the questions for this week! 
1. What is your biggest pet-peeve?

I would have to agree with Erikka, rude and judgey people was the first thing that came to mind. I know everyone has bad days but when they take their bad days out on you drive me crazyy! I don't pay attention when I'm out but Dave will say "Did you see her eyeing you up?" I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or if they were judging me?! Either way, its rude to stare! 

2. Who was your BFF growing up {you don't have to give last names just first name or nickname will suffice}? Are you still in touch? If not, how come?

My best friend, Lindsey and I go wayyyy back to kindergarten! I wouldn't say we were best friends until 4th grade but we went to school together and have a picture of us in kindergarten. She went home from the first day of school and told her mom that she met her best friend and she had white hair just like her! We have been best friends for many years. For our senior year of high school we had to vote for the superlatives {Best Hair, Best Smile, Best Friends, etc..} and we won for Best Friends. We are still BFF to this day. She's amazing and I don't know what I'd do without her. 
3. Where is your favorite vacation spot and favorite activity to do there?

Anywhere in the Caribbean! I love the crystal clear water and the white sand beaches. Ahh.. I can't pick one favorite vacation but one that stands out is when Lindsey and I with our moms went on  a cruise for our senior trip. We did so many shore excursions but my favorite was when we went cave tubing in Belize. It was awesome! I would post our pictures but they are all at my moms house! If you ever get the opportunity, do it! :)
Would you rather: 
A. shop at consignment shops/stores
B. buy everything brand new
If I had a more crafty eye and look beyond the junk I've seen in our consignment stores, I would pick A. since I love finding a good deal but the few times I've gone into the consignment shops in our small town, I've found only junk and really used clothes. I went looking for Keigan a while back and everything I came across was stained and so used. My mother-in-law goes to yard sales all of the time in the summer months and she always finds really good deals at those so maybe I'll hit some of those up with her! I have bought  most of Keigan's clothes new and she has some hand-me-downs from friends. 
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Happy Thursday!! 

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  1. uggh! it wasn't working again this morning. sad thing is that i wont know until someone tries to link up. ack!! i fixed it and went ahead and added your link. if that's not cool, just let me know and we can remove it.

    rude people suck! why not just be happy?? it's so much easier and rewarding. i'm kinda envious of your BBF status {in a healthy, loving way}. I would love to have a good friend to hang out with!

    Never been to the Caribean, but I bet it's to die for :0) any place with crystal clear water and warm beaches is pretty much amazing in my opinion!

    I don't have that good of luck with resale shops but yard sales are my favorite for sure :)

    thanks for linking up jocelyn! have a great week and dont forget to enter our giveaway!!