Thursday, May 9, 2013

38 Weeks

I don't think she's happy with me. ;)

Time, please slow down. Baby, you are 38 weeks old and quite the little charmer. You have everyone wrapped around your little finger. Even with our my lack of sleep, you have been such a joy this week. You were a little chatter box and I kept hoping that "Momma" was going to come out but you must like to see me suffer ;) 

You LOVE to stand. You can pull yourself up on anything and once you're up, you stand there looking so proud of yourself. You have also been sticking your tongue out every time you are concentrating/ crawling. I love it. 

You had your first taste of dog food this weekend. Your dad and I were getting ready for the wedding and you were being 'extra' quiet and when your dad went to check on you he said you had green drool and food all around you. He pulled out a piece of food... Uhh parents of the year?! We moved Sadie's food since then ;) 

Speaking of food, you want to eat anything I'm eating. When I get something out of the fridge you come crawling over and sit there waiting for a piece. You are worse than Sadie! Haha. Your new favorite food this week is grapes! I think you would eat the whole grape if I'd let you. Instead, I bite the grape in half and let you take a piece of the half. 

Sleeping has been 100% crappy. This week we had one time where you woke up 2 times and actually didn't give me a hard time when I put you back down. Last night you fell asleep at 8:45 and was up again at 9:45 crying. I let you cry it out and after 20-25 minutes of you crying you fell asleep again until 3:00!!! It was a miracle! Every other night we were up 3-4+ times and you would cry and cry and cry when I'd lay you back down. Let's just say coffee was my BFF this week. 

You went to your first wedding this weekend. It was for one of Mommy's friends. You were awesome! You loved the choir and orchestra almost as much as everyone loved you! Everyone kept telling us how you were such a good baby and how beautiful you are. It never gets old hearing that! I think I tell you that a few hundred times a day but I love when everyone else tells us the same thing! 

You have out-of-this-world beautiful blue eyes. My fingers are still crossed that they don't change! Maybe we will have a blonde hair blued eyed beauty on our hands. I think daddy will be locking you in your room when you get older to hide you from all of the boys ;) 

We love you so much baby! 
Happy 38 Week Birthday! 


There's that mischievous grin again..

She doesn't look amused but I swear she loved it!


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