Thursday, May 23, 2013

40 Weeks

We had to do a different approach this week since she would NOT sit still for .2 seconds. I'm not kidding, I will show you the attempted pictures I got with her little chalkboard. This may be the way it goes from here on out. 

Ok, now onto her letter... 

40 weeks?! Only 12 weeks until I don't have a baby but a toddler instead. I have started planning your first birthday party! Momma is on her game. It took me foreverrrr to decide on a theme, except it's not really a 'theme' more like 'color scheme'. More on that in a later post ;) 

We had your 9 month check up on Tuesday. We were both looking forward to this check up because you are all caught up on your shots so we could go and see how much you've grown and chat with the doctor. You weighed in at 16.1 lbs (20%) and are  27 1/2 in (50%) long! You are moving right along on your charts. The doctor was pleased & so am I. The doctor took my height and daddy's height and said if you continue the way you are, it looks like you'll be momma's height (5'5") when your an adult. 

We gave you fresh green beans & pasta noodles at dinner the other night. You ate them but weren't a huge fan like you are with fruit. You are more of a sweets girl, that's for sure! 

You've been sleeping great this week! Only waking up around 5:30 to eat and them back down until 7-7:30. I have been loving it!!! Thank you baby :) Your naps have been getting longer too. Instead of the 30 minute naps you were taking, you are now taking two or three one hour long naps. 

We went to the pool a couple times this week and you tolerated it. You weren't the biggest water fan I've seen but you weren't hating it. I hope the more we go, the more you will like it. 

You don't like the word no. Sometimes you will bite my shoulder or leg and I'll tell you no and your little lip curls and you start crying. Then you give me kisses. My heart melts. This may be bad when you're older. ;) 

You climb up on everything! You will be walking soon, I just know it. Once you get balanced, you take your hands off of what you were holding onto and just stand there for awhile until you realize you're not holding onto anything. You are already trying to take off when you get your balance. 

Baby girl, you are the light of our lives. 


Here  are some pictures from the week. 

She recently found her paci's that she never used as a baby. She has been obsessed. 

  Our little beach babe. She wasn't a fan of the boat. She tried climbing out several times!

Here are the outtakes from today's photo attempts. They were a fail. 

& then she found the chalkboard wall.. 



  1. Ha! Good luck with the chalkboard pics! I haven't been able to get good pics with ours since Mya figured out that sitting still is boring. :p

    1. It's getting harder each week! Lol I have to make it 12 more weeks! I hope I can do it!

  2. AHahah tooo cute!! I love the outtakes!!

    1. Thank you!!! Congrats on your little man, he's adorable!

  3. Haha!! I can't get any good monthly pics anymore either!! Love that pretty girl!!!

    1. It gets harder each week to get her to sit there long enough to snap a pic! Lol

  4. I see what chaos picture taking moments I get to look forward to. I totes didn't know you had a chalkboard wall!? I can't wait to have mine. I love your hand writing but love little Keigs even more (not quite as much as Jax, he's got goo-goo eyes over here!). HAPPY 40 WEEKS little angel :)

    1. Ohh the weekly pictures get so hard when they realize anything is more interesting than sitting there for a camera! Haha! We just put It in in her playroom! I'm waiting for it to be finished before I do a tour. It's awesome but I got nothin on your chalk skills ;) Awe, Keigs is always lovin when we see little Jax lookin adorable!