Friday, May 17, 2013

7 & 8 Month Favorites

These past couple months, Keigan hasn't been into her toys like she was when she was younger. I'm not kidding when I say she would MUCH rather play with a water bottle over her blocks or stuffed animals. As I'm typing this up, she is climbing me like a jungle gym to try to get to the computer. So coming up with a list of items was a little more difficult. Here is what we've been using on the daily. 

1. Aveeno Baby FaceStick I keep this stick in my diaper bag at all times. It is small and super easy to put on. The only complaint I have is sometimes it's not easy to rub in and she isn't a fan of me trying to rub her face off ;)

2. Munchkin Baby Gate-  As soon as she started crawling we had to put up a gate on our steps. The door on it is nice and convenient for going up and down the stairs. It also attaches to the wall so we don't have to worry about her pushing it down. We figured it will be up for years (once she doesn't need it anymore, there will be another baby in the mix) so we Sadie better get used to it.  

3. BabyGanics Sunscreen- I also keep this sunscreen in her diaper bag. Since we are outside a good bit now , we always have to be prepared. I'm a big fan of the BabyGanics brand and this was no exception. 

4. Old Navy 2 Piece PJ's- Since Keigan started crawling we have been using 2 piece PJ's all the time! The footed PJ's were always coming up and tripping her. It was annoying me, I can't imagine how annoying it would be for her! & an added bonus? They are super cute!!! 

5. Tommee Tippee Bibs- These are catch all's for her cheerios and puffs. And we don't need to put them in the wash. Could they be any better?! 

6. Activity Cube- She LOVES her activity cube even if it is just to pull herself up and act like a big girl ;) There is so many fun things to do on this cube to keep her entertained for a while. 

I forgot to add our bath mat that we got about a month ago. Since she got too big for her baby bath we started putting her in the big tub but we needed a mat so she wasn't sliding everywhere. I found a bath mat on clearance at good ol' Target and it's awesome!! 

What are your favorites for your little babe? I love hearing what your babies are into that I may be missing out on!! :) 

Happy FRIDAY Friends!!!!!!!!



  1. I'm with ya on the no interest in baby toys anymore... last night the only thing that didn't make her fussy was a hanger! (I was organizing her closet) too funny!

  2. love those bibs, they are awesome!!