Monday, May 20, 2013

Our First Pool Day

We had the most beautiful day here today so I decided to bust out the swim gear and head to my mother in laws (which is only 4 houses down from us) for Keigan's first pool experience. Let me first say how awesome it is to have this amazing pool right down the street from us that is open to us any time of the day (it also has a stocked fridge with ice cold beer water, pop, juice, popsicles , etc.). Can you say SCORE?! 
Getting a baby and yourself ready for the pool is no easy task. Before we left the house I had to make sure she was fed, had napped and got her sunscreen on. I also had to pack snacks, towels, her floaties, sunscreen and toys. After spending all that time getting ready, I was really hoping it wasn't going to be a bust and she hate the water. 
The first round she wasn't to sure about it. She wasn't hating it but she also wasn't loving it. 

So we got out and sat on the side for a while until we momma got pretty warm and headed back in for round 2. 

Don't mind my maternity bathing suit. All of my pre baby bathing suits are wayy too small for my massive nursing boobs  ;) 

Round 2 was a hit. Girlfriend didn't stop kicking her legs and squealing until we got out. 

She has also started giving kisses. Oh em gee. I'm obsessed. But this kiss happened right after she bit my shoulder and I told her 'No'. I think it was an "I'm sorry kiss". I don't care, I'll take it :) 

I would say our first pool day was a success. I already can't wait for the next time! 



  1. TOO PRECIOUS!! We had our first pool day the other day, but the water was still SUPER cold from all the rain we have had!! I love the little swimsuit, so adorable!!

  2. I am so jealous your in laws live so close, my inlaws have a pool too but they are an hour away, not 4 houses :( Looks like Keigan enjoyed the water too!!!

  3. Too sweet!! Cannot wait to have ours next week! :)