Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Favorites

Since the weather around here has been beautiful (75 with zero humidity, ummm perfect right?!) I decided to put together some of our favorites for our {fun in the sun} days! 

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I'm not much a a make up kind of girl. My every day make up is usually just bronzer, blush and mascara with some chap-stick. In the summer months, I don't even do all of that! Once I get a tan, I usually just go with some mascara and chap-stick. Crazy, I know! I love, love, love this Maybelline Dream AirFoam foundation though. Since I still look like Casper, I have just been putting this on as my bronzer and it feels like I'm not even wearing any foundation. It's perfect for summer. I love the Baby Lips chap-stick since it has a little color to it and it makes your lips feel just like the name says, baby soft. And let's not forget about the nails! My new fav is Essie Playdate. It is such a fun color and I have gotten a ton of compliments since I put it on. 

The Starbucks tumbler is a no brainer! Perfect for keeping your water & Mike's Hard lemonade always cold. & if you haven't seen these Mike's Hard Lemonade Frozen drinks yet, you are welcome! My FAVORITE flavor is the Black Cherry Lemonade and when I saw these at the store, I couldn't get them in my cart fast enough! How perfect would these be to sip while laying by the pool?! 

We can't forget about the babe! She will be rocking a sun hat even if she hates it & shades every time we step outside. We can't risk her little noggin getting burnt. We also love the BabyGanics sunscreen, it smells good and is all natural. SCORE! I also got her these adorable sandals from BabyGap but her little nugget feet don't even come close to fitting them yet. I can already see it now with her painted piggies and those sandals.. oh em gee! I won't be able to handle the cuteness. 

What are some of your summer favorites??



  1. You've got me hooked on that nail polish now! Soo pretty :)
    And love all your picks. And Casper?? At least you tan! I live where it's 90 degrees practically every day and I blend in with any white wall, lol ;)

  2. Love love the baby lips!!! I am so pale too it's gross ;)