Thursday, June 6, 2013

42 Weeks

Oh my, you are 42 weeks old. That means in just 10 very, very short weeks you will be 1 year old! I still can't get over how fast time is flying by. 

Let's just face it, you are obsessed with me (& I'm obviously obsessed with you too!). You HATE it when I leave the room even when Daddy is there with you. Last night I walked out of the room to go get a shower (yes, mama has to shower too!) and you started crawling after me with the biggest sad face and lip  curled under I've ever seen. You followed me to the bathroom and sat there while I showered. Considering we are attached at the hip all day, every day I wouldn't expect anything less. 

You have been taking steps this week. You want to walk SO bad. You can stand on your own for a while now and last night you took 4-5 steps towards me and balanced yourself when you came to a stop! I started crying. Now, I just got to catch it on video! You are growing up WAY too fast, sweet girl! 

You've been sleeping like a rock star this week (& this better not jinx me!). Your naps have been in the 45 min-1 1/2hr range which is amazing!!! I have actually been able to get cleaning and laundry done in a reasonable amount of time :) You sleep soundly until 5:30ish am and sometimes you will fall back asleep until 7, other times you will cry and cry until I feed you then you're back out until 7ish. 

We haven't been giving you much baby food this week. You would rather have anything that's on my plate so I've been giving you more and more. So far you haven't turned your nose up to anything I've given you, except the first time I gave you Mac n' cheese, weirdo (who doesn't like mac n' cheese?). The next day, daddy was eating Mac n' cheese and you were all over it. 

Your attention span is .2 seconds long and you could care less about any of your toys. You could spend all day taking your lotions and diapers out of the baskets on your changing table but when I put a toy in front of you, you look the other way. I'm always tempted to get you a new toy every time I'm at the store but you really would rather plan with bottles &Sadie's food/water bowls. 

Well, that's about it for this week! I love you so much sunshine!!! 


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  1. Sounds exactly like miss H! She is such a weirdo and wouldn't eat Mac n cheese and then I was eating it so she did lol!