Friday, June 14, 2013

43 Weeks

Wow, this week flew by!!! You have been so much fun this week, good moods all day long. I loved it! 

You began walking/taking multiple steps (whatever you want to call it) as soon as I posted last weeks update. You are getting better with you balance and can stop walking and balance there for a while. You can stand up from a sitting position all on your own. You started cruising this week, too! Whew, you had a pretty big week missy! You must be exhausted.. ;)

When you aren't walking around, you try getting into Sadie's food & water dish or you crawl over to Sadie's bed and shove your head into the cushion. It's hysterical. You love anything soft on your face. 

You stayed with Grammy this past weekend while your dad and I went to a wedding out of town. Grammy said you did awesome and slept well which was good to hear because I was a little nervous since you weren't in your own bed. It was my first night away from you and I hated it. We got up and came straight home because we missed you so bad. 
You've been sleeping through the night this week. It has been heaven for everyone. Your naps seem to be getting better too lasting between 45 minutes- 1 hour+. 
You have been eating dinner with us this week, you tried beef stroganoff (& couldn't get it in your little mouth fast enough!), spaghetti, rice, potatoes. It's pretty awesome you can eat what we eat now, it makes things so much easier. 
I really need to start baby proofing. You can get into any cabinet now and you loveee pulling everything out. I don't usually care if you pull pots and pans out but the glass dishes are a different story... 

Well, that's all for this week. Maybe by next week we will have an official walker (since that's all you want to do now)!?