Thursday, June 27, 2013

45 Weeks

Oops! 44 weeks slipped right past me last week since we week since we were packing and getting ready to leave for the weekend! I'll try to remember what's gone on these last two weeks and incorporate it all into this post :) 

You are 45 weeks old today and are a walking/ talking machine! You rarely crawl anymore. Crawling is for the birds when you can walk everywhere! You have made me a nervous wreck since you began walking though. Talk about a heart attack just waiting to happen! 

We noticed on Monday that you felt warm and thought it could be due to your upper teeth coming through. Your gums looked a little swollen for a few days and I thought that maybe those top teeth will be making their debut very soon!  Monday and Tuesday you had a high fever (102) but after we gave you some Motrin you were back to normal. Wednesday I saw a tooth starting to poke through so we were right and that's what your fever was from. I hope those babies come through fast because I hate seeing you in pain! 

We went on your first little vacation this past weekend. The car ride was 5 hours and it's the longest time you have been in your car seat at one time. I was a little nervous because I had no idea how you'd take being in there for so long.  You did really well only crying for the last hour going down. You were just so ready to get out and move around! We took your pack n' play for you to sleep in and you slept well while we were there, waking up at your normal 7am but you did NOT want to go to sleep, I think you just wanted to stay up and party with us! You gave up the fight around 10-10:30 so by the time we came home you were getting pretty exhausted throughout the day. I was ready for you to be back on schedule :) 

You make our days so much brighter! Mommy & daddy love you to pieces! 


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