Friday, June 7, 2013

First Steps

Keigan has been walking with her walkers for a while now but lately she has been taking steps all on her own. She will stand up, let go of what she's holding onto and take steps. I have been trying to get it on video but it's hard when it's just Dave and I because we are the ones catching her. Last night I went to my moms for dinner (one of the perks of not having a finished kitchen!) and Keigan was walking all night! Every time I see her walk I get a little emotional because I think back to when she was a fresh little newborn and all she did was sleep and cuddle up on chest. Seeing her take steps makes her look so much older than my little 9 1/2 month old baby. 

Here's a little video my cousin took of her walking last night. Sorry the quality is terrible, it was recorded on my moms phone and sent to me but you guys will get the point :) 

Happy Friday from this sweet little walker!!!! :) 


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