Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekend Recap & Anniversary

This past weekend we packed up and went to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. We were looking forward to some rest and relaxation with our family. It was only a short 5 hour drive so we took our time and headed out around lunch time on Friday. We got down there around 6 Friday evening. After we got checked in, we headed out to grab some pizza and hit up the grocery store to get some unhealthy food for the condo. We didn't get back until 9:30 but Keigan was ready to party (she must have known it was vacation because she didn't go to bed until 10:00-10:30 every night we were there). 

When we woke up Saturday morning we washed down our yummy doughnuts with some coffee. It's just something about being on vacation that makes it okay to stuff your face with unhealthy food!  After breakfast the guys & my sister went fishing while my mom, Keigs and I went for a walk up a mountain!. We spent the afternoon at the pool soaking up some rays. Keigan did awesome and was actually loving the water. We spent that evening eating lots of food and drinking lots of alcohol. 

Sunday morning was pretty similar to Saturday. We ate more yummy doughnuts and drank more yummy coffee. Perfect Sunday morning in my book. We got ready and headed to the pool once again. Drinking a few cold ones might have been thrown in there too. 
When we woke up Monday morning we got the car packed up and before we got on the road we hit up Jimmy John's and Sweet Frog. Umm, talk about delicious!? Overall, we had a wonderful little getaway and were so bummed to come back to reality. 

Today marks 3 years of wedded bliss with my hubs. I can't imagine a better man to stand by my side and a better dad to Keigan than Dave. He has impressed me every single day with his daddy duties. He loves his little girl so much and it melts my heart to see. 

 I love watching him play with her.
 I love seeing her light up when she hears him come home from work.
 I love watching him light up when he sees her after he gets home from work. 
I love how silly and funny he is. 
I love that he is so easy going. 
I love that he is such a hard worker and provides for his family. 
I love how he still looks at me like he did when we first met. 
He is overall the best thing (along with Keigan!!) that has ever happened to me. 
I am so blessed. 

Love you babe!!! 


  1. Love love the family pic!!!! Love K in her swimsuit!!!! :)

  2. So so sweet!! Isn't crazy how men can be so silly ans awesome with their children. Not that they weren't already awesome but having a child certainly takes them to a whole other level of awesomeness! Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

  3. Looked beautiful there! Glad you guys had a nice vacation!!!

  4. Looks like you guys had a fabo time! Happy Anniversary!