Friday, July 5, 2013

46 Weeks

Baby girl, you are 46 weeks old today and celebrated your first Independence Day! We celebrated by eating a red, white & blue breakfast (strawberries, blueberries & bananas of course!), did a little retail therapy, hit up the pool, ate some yummy barbecue chicken and ended the day with some fireworks! 

There are no new milestones this week, except maybe walking/running a little faster now! You don't want to be held anymore unless your tired. I secretly go cry in the corner because I know it will just get worse. 

You have been in the best mood this week. You don't scream when I leave the room like you used to! It's made doing chores and making dinner so much easier, so thank you girlfriend! 
You do not play with your toys at all anymore,  your new favorites are your diaper bag, magazines, Sadie's toys, mama's makeup, pens (with closed lids of course!), just about anything that isn't your toy! 

On Monday we started the weaning process from breastmilk to cow milk. We started by taking out the afternoon feeding and replaced it with 1 oz of cow milk with 3 oz of breastmilk in a sippy cup. The first day you threw a fit when I tried giving you the sippy but after 20 minutes of crying you eventually took to it. You are becoming such a big girl right before my eyes. 

You have been making this huffy puffy noise when you play with toys (or my purse) that cracks us up! It sounds like you are so out of breath and you just climbed a set of stairs! Silly, silly girl! 

In just 6 weeks you will be turning ONE! Every time I look at you I can't believe how lucky we were to get such a beautiful & smart little girl! We love you so much sweet girl! 



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  1. Love her face in that pic!! Such s big girl and almost one, so crazy!! Xo!