Friday, July 12, 2013

47 Weeks

Oh, hello you happy girl!

Well, another week came and went! I think they get faster and faster & you get more and more beautiful each week (which I don't even know how that's possible!)!!

We have been in full blown birthday planning mode lately. I have been crafting and getting things together so that I'm not frantically running around 1 week prior. I have been searching and searching for a wooden highchair that I can paint to go along with your theme and I finally found one that is exactly what I was looking for with the right price tag on it butttt it was 2 hours away. I have been eyeing it up every day and I finally bit the bullet and drove to get it. I had Grammy go with us for the drive so that if you got antsy, at least someone could sit back there and entertain you. I'm so excited to get it painted and see how everything turns out! Your birthday (& mine) is approaching rather quickly!! 

You have been sleeping like a champ and are doing so well with the transition from breast milk to cow milk. I was shocked at how well you are taking the sippy cup with milk after your morning  and afternoon nap. I absolutely loved being able to feed you and give you the best nourishment  that I could but I know it's got to come to an end and seeing you do so well with it is making it so much easier on me! 

Now that you don't ever sit still and play with toys, it has made it near impossible to get a shower when it's just you and I at home. I literally have to wait for daddy to come home before I can get my shower (if I want to have a relaxing shower that is). You will get into everything. You love flushing the toilet, getting into the trash, pulling on the toilet paper, getting into the vanity and pulling out everything that you can get your little paws on, try getting into the shower with me, and the list can go on! The days of having a relaxing shower are longgg gone! 

Next week you will be 11 months old!! <tear> You are seriously the light of our lives. You are so smart and have the cutest, sweetest personality. Love, love, love you baby girl!!!! 



  1. We are in planning mode too!! And she does get more beautiful each week. :)

  2. Can't wait to see her party!! I thought I had everything done way ahead of time until the day of and I was like oh crap I forgot this and this... Now I feel like you can never be too prepared ;) So glad that she likes the cows milk. We just started this week too and it's hit and miss... Hope you girls have a great week!!