Wednesday, July 24, 2013

48 & 49 Weeks

So, I missed last weeks update because I was crazy busy with work, birthday planning and keeping up with house work that I never got around to doing your 48 week update.  So here we are, your 48 & 49 week letter!!! 

Baby girl, let's just get down to it... I'm obsessed with you. I love every little thing that you do. Your little personality is such a mixture of ornery (which you totally get from your dad) and sweet and I could just eat you up! 

You literally get into everything you know you're not allowed to get into. You don't want your toys because duh... you're allowed to have them!! Our house looks like a little hurricane Keigan came threw 99% of the time now. That's okay because you're cute! 

You are 100% off of the breastmilk!! Huuuge step for both of us! I've been okay about weaning you but it's hard taking away the bedtime feeding since that has been our routine for over 11 months now. You are just growing up right before our eyes. 

Last week your great grandparents watched you for the first time while I went to work and you were awesome (or so they say!). They are going to help watch you while I go to school in the fall so it was a relief to hear you do so well with them (not that I thought you wouldn't but it sure helps knowing that you don't give them a hard time while I'm away!) 

You have been saying dadada a lot more but you don't actually know to call daddy that. You love to wave and take Sadie's balls from her, you love taking the tupperware out and dragging it all over the house, you are becoming quite the little squealer & I love it. 

Daddy always says that you get the most kisses out of any baby EVER & this is true. We are constantly giving you kisses because you are always just so dang cute (even when you are crying and so mad at us!). 

I can't believe that in 3 very short weeks our little 6 lb baby will be ONE. You have made this past year the most memorable and best year of our lives. Thank you so much baby girl!!


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  1. Cutie! Baby kisses are the best! <3 && I am excited too, Kenz is only 4 months from a year old! CRAZY