Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Sadly the weekend is over and it's back to the work week grind. I usually only work 1 day a week but I've been working 3-4 days a week the past 2 weeks due to vacations. I'm loving the extra money but hate leaving my girl so much! 

I had to work Friday so by the time I got home I was ready for a drink or ten but first I wanted to do a little retail therapy. We picked up our canvas family portrait and picked up a few other things before heading home. 

We saw sunshine when we woke up Saturday which was a nice surprise considering its been raining for what feels like the past month! We love the weekends because we can actually sit down and have breakfast together! We enjoyed some of the best blueberry pancakes, Dave sure knows how to make 'em! Mmmm :) 

After I did a little cleaning and went for a long walk with my mom, Keigan and I went to Dave's all-star roller hockey game! She loves walking around and just checking everybody out! After the game Dave took Keigan for a couple laps around the rink. She loved it! Future Hockey fan in the making?! 
We ended our Saturday with hosting game night with our friends. We loveee game nights! :) 

Even though we didn't get to bed until after midnight, Keigan was up bright and early at 7am. I think that called for a donut and coffee run! 

 & we spent our 90 degree afternoon poolside. 

The sun must have wore the babe out because she slept from 5-6:30 which never happens, she's more of a 30 minute napper. We spent the rest of our night relaxing and getting ready for the week ahead (oh, and watching Big Brother!). 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and we got Monday out of the way! Let's hope the rest of the week goes by fast because I'm already ready for the weekend! :) 


  1. Hehe. I love you sitting in the baby pool ;)

  2. roller hockey outside?! how awesome is that! we would die if we did that here in our 90* weather!

  3. She is so stinking cute! I love that she got to go skating! Fun! And now I want a donut. And pancakes. And a drink. :)