Friday, August 23, 2013

One Year Check Up

We had Keigan's one year check up this week. As we were sitting in the office waiting to be called back, there was a 4 day old newborn that came in. I couldn't help thinking that was me one year ago! I can't get over how fast time flies when you are having fun! This past year was challenging, required a lot of patience and a whole lot of love. She has brought unending happiness to our family and is the best gift we've ever received! She's the gift that just keeps on giving ;) 

On to her check up.. 

Weight & Height: 

17.5 lbs (12%) 
28 3/4 inches (25%) 
We have a tiny little peanut. 


Healthy, healthy!  The only time she was sick this year was in December when she had croup. We were really lucky in this department. 


Keigan is a tank. Best. Eater. Ever. She usually doesn't stop eating until we stop feeding her. She just goes and goes as long as there's food on her tray. She must get her eating habits from her daddy ;) She is drinking 2% milk from a sippy, 4 times a day. I will give her some water for her meals. 


The only time she cries is when she's overly tired or hungry. 


Naps are really a hit or miss. Sometimes she takes an hour nap in the morning and afternoon and other times she sleeps for 20-30 minutes in the morning and afternoon. She sleeps from 8:30pm-7:00am every night though so I'll take the shorter naps through the day. 


She is wearing 6-12 months and some 12-18 month clothes. Still wearing a size 3 diaper. 


Her stranger anxiety isn't as bad as it used to be. I was worried that with all of the people at her party she would want me to hold her the whole time. Boy was I wrong, just the opposite! She was a little social butterfly, walking around visiting all of her guests! 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthday Weekend Wrap-Up

Woah. I now have a one year old. Where did this past year go?! We had an extremely busy, fun filled weekend celebrating our little princess. 
It started off Friday morning with a sprinkled doughnut cake. Girlfriend went to town on it. 

After breakfast, we got ready and packed up and headed to the Pittsburgh Zoo. 

Keigan's (& momma's) favorite part was the Aquarium. She loved watching all of the colorful fish. 
When we got home, we got our favorite pizza and decorated all of the cupcakes for the party on Saturday. 
Saturday morning we started bright and early (& still ran late!) with getting everything set up. Eventually we got everything under control and guests started arriving at 12:30. We got our party on for a few hours.. I'll let the pictures show you :) 

After partying so hard all day, by Saturday night I was exhausted! I wanted to get everything cleaned up and put away before sitting down with a glass of wine and a movie with the hubs :) I thoroughly enjoyed that wine and movie. All the hard work for months prior planning her party eventually all paid off. We had a perfect day for a perfect girl!! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birthday Week!

This is a big birthday week in this house! Mine is tomorrow and Keigan's is Friday. Lots of celebrating will be going on up through the weekend and we couldn't be more excited! Since my birthday falls on a work day (although it is humpdayyy) we are going to my moms for Tacos and margs..that sounds like a perfect birthday dinner to me! :) 
Keigan's FIRST birthday is Friday and luckily, Dave has been working 4 10's so he has been off on Fridays for a few weeks now so he won't have to work on her day! The weather looks like its going to be perfect and we are planning on going to the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium! I haven't been to the zoo in a few years so I'm actually really looking forward to it! We may have a few other surprises up our sleeves for her on Friday but... 

Saturday is her party day!!! If you can't tell by the picture, her theme is Pink Lemonade. Since her birthday is at the end of summer, I wanted something bright and fun to end the summer with! Plus I totally love the color combo :) 

That's enough birthday talk for now! I'll be back with her LAST weekly update later this week! 

I hope you all have a great Tuesday! :) 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

51 Weeks

We are at the end of our run here with your weekly letters! ONE more after this week! 

I'm sure I've said this before but this has been my favorite week so far! You have had me laughing all day, every day. Your little personality is hilarious and I'm looking forward to finally understanding all of your stories you've been trying to tell me! You talk all day long but I don't understand what you're saying. Put all that jabber into words,  would ya?! ;) 

So August is birthday month in our family. We have at least one birthday a week to celebrate so we have already been quite busy with birthday parties. We had Pap's surprise 50th birthday party this past Saturday, Great Grandma's birthday party on Sunday, today is Pap's actual birthday so we are going out to dinner with him, this weekend we have Aunt Ashley's birthday, next week we have my birthday and your birthday is 2 days later. Whew, now I'm exhausted! Needless to say, we will be getting our party on this month! 

You've been dancing a lot this week and I can't even take how cute you are! We need to get you to a dance class, STAT! :) 

You loveee to wave and are trying to say bye-bye! I know I actually heard you say it a couple of times but it was just a fluke I think because when I try to get you to repeat me, you wont. You like doing things at your pace I guess! 

Momma and Daddy could not love you any more than we already do! You are our entire world baby girl and we are looking forward to all the wonderful years ahead!!! 


Thursday, August 1, 2013

50 Weeks

50 Weeks?!?

You know what that means, in 2 very, very, very short weeks you will be ONE!!!

 <cue the tear fest>

Your top right tooth is coming in and we can see it but it's not all the way down yet! I think your other tooth will be right behind because we had another case of diaper rash this week and that's what happened with your other top tooth. I must say Aquaphor Baby is amazing! It was cleared up within a day. 

We had your very first sleepover this weekend! We were invited to Kristin & Rilyn's house to stay overnight and we jumped right on it! You got to play with Ry while I had girl time with Kristin! It was much needed and so much fun! Kristin also gave you your very first ponytail and I simply couldn't get enough! It was so a-dorable! 

Since you are a walking machine, shopping has taken a turn for the worse. You do not like to sit in your stroller or a buggy for any length of time now. You want to be walking around exploring and it has been challenging to go anywhere with you. 

Your favorite toys this week have been the Wii controller, play station controller and the cooler. You are such a weirdo and don't like to play with toys. I have been telling people to not get you toys for your birthday because you don't play with them anyway (I'd rather put money in an account for you to get your college fund started anyway)! 

Speaking of your birthday, it is just 15 days away! Holy moly did that come quick! Momma has been getting everything ready for your big day and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate YOU! 

Love you so much baby girl!!!!!!! 

Xoxo, Momma