Thursday, August 1, 2013

50 Weeks

50 Weeks?!?

You know what that means, in 2 very, very, very short weeks you will be ONE!!!

 <cue the tear fest>

Your top right tooth is coming in and we can see it but it's not all the way down yet! I think your other tooth will be right behind because we had another case of diaper rash this week and that's what happened with your other top tooth. I must say Aquaphor Baby is amazing! It was cleared up within a day. 

We had your very first sleepover this weekend! We were invited to Kristin & Rilyn's house to stay overnight and we jumped right on it! You got to play with Ry while I had girl time with Kristin! It was much needed and so much fun! Kristin also gave you your very first ponytail and I simply couldn't get enough! It was so a-dorable! 

Since you are a walking machine, shopping has taken a turn for the worse. You do not like to sit in your stroller or a buggy for any length of time now. You want to be walking around exploring and it has been challenging to go anywhere with you. 

Your favorite toys this week have been the Wii controller, play station controller and the cooler. You are such a weirdo and don't like to play with toys. I have been telling people to not get you toys for your birthday because you don't play with them anyway (I'd rather put money in an account for you to get your college fund started anyway)! 

Speaking of your birthday, it is just 15 days away! Holy moly did that come quick! Momma has been getting everything ready for your big day and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate YOU! 

Love you so much baby girl!!!!!!! 

Xoxo, Momma 

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  1. She's the big "5-0"!! Thanks for coming to stay the night girls, we had so much fun with you girls :)