Wednesday, October 16, 2013

14 Months

I know, I know.. I haven't posted anything since her 13 month update. Just pin me to be the worst blogger ever! I promise to get back into it on a more regular basis once my schedule slows down! :)

Miss Keigan is 14 months old today! She is the most fun baby these days! She is so easy going, plays so well by herself (or with Sadie) and dances like it's nobody's business! 

We go to see the doctor next month but I will guess she's around 20 lbs? 

No sickies here but I do think she has some teeth coming in because she woke up with a runny nose and has had her fists in her mouth for a few weeks now. 

Girlfriend doesn't like to try new things! My aunt watches her some days while I'm at school and she tries to give her new things for lunch but she won't eat them! I wish she would break out and eat something other than PB & J sandwiches and Mac N Cheese for lunch! 

Like I said, she's very easy going so the only time she does cry is when I leave her in the mornings to go to school. I HATE it.  I just want to turn around and never leave her. Now, she usually only does it when she's with my aunt. When she is with her grandparents, she does really well and never cries. Thank goodness :)

Sleep is the same as last month. She takes between a 30-60 minute nap in the morning and in the afternoon and is in bed for the night around 8:30 and sleeps until 7ish. 

Most of her clothes are in the 12-18 month range but she does still wear some 6-9 month pants. Baby girls waste is teeny tiny so the 12 month stuff falls off her hips. 

A couple of weeks ago, our BFF's Kristin and Rilyn came to stay with us for the weekend. We headed to Oglebayfest and got some extremely cute pictures of the girls playing in the leaves. After we were through with sweating (it was 80 degrees in October, not cool Mother Nature, not cool!) we went back to my house and let the girls play with Sadie together. Keigan isn't around any babies so I loved seeing her play with Ry! It was the cutest thing ever! After the girls went to bed, Kristin and I enjoyed girl talk & wine. I'm so thankful for meeting her on IG, I don't know what I'd do without her ;) 
Dave and I took Keigan to her very first Pumpkin Patch last week. We had the BEST day. We went on a hayride, went through a corn maze, picked our pumpkins, got fresh picked apples. It was just amazing having the day with just our little family. 

How stinkin cute are these two?! I can't even take it!

Cutest witch I've ever seen!! 

This girl is a dancer! When she hears any music, it's on! I'm gonna have to get her into some dance classes before too long. She also sings all day, every day. We may have ourselves the next Mariah Carey on our hands ;) Her other favorite thing to do right now is show off her belly. When we ask her where her belly is, she pulls up her shirt and gets the biggest smile on her face. She is so much fun these days! 

Happy 14 Months Love Bug!! 


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