Tuesday, November 26, 2013

15 Month Update

This sweet babe is 15 months old! 

19.3 lbs (5%) and 29 1/2 inches tall (50%) 

This past month, she was refusing her milk so I started giving her Pediasure in the mornings when she wakes up and she chugs it! She has started drinking her milk again so I think it had something to do with her teeth coming in since she has refused it in the past when she was teething. 
She lovessss to eat! She will be your best friend if you give her food. The only think I notice she hates us broccoli. 

She goes down around 8:30 and sleeps until 7am. I'll take it! She is the worlds shortest napper though, she'll take two 30 minute naps and be done. It makes it hard to do things around the house sometimes but I do enjoy every second with her :) She just doesn't want to miss out on anything. 

She is mainly wearing size 12 month tops and pants. The 18 month clothing looks hugggge but that's what I'm asking family to get her for Christmas since she'll be 18 months in February. She's still in size 3 diapers. I feel like she's been in them for awhile!! 

You can just call her Miss Attitude ;)

I've been in school since August and with the help of my aunt and my husbands grandparents, we haven't had to send her to daycare. She has gotten into a good routine with them which helps when I have to leave everyday. I will be off from school for 5 weeks in December and I cannot wait! I'm going to soak in every second! 

Visiting our BFF's Kristin and Ry

She isn't saying many words yet, basically just mama and dada at this point. She understands a lot of what we say/ask of her. She knows Sadie, throw Sadie's ball, she'll point to her belly, head and nose when you ask, she'll hold up one finger when you ask how old she is, she'll meow when you ask what a kitty cat says. I love how she understands what we say but I just wish she would start saying more words! She has NO desire to talk, she doesn't get it from me! ;) 
Keigan now has 8 teeth and we are patiently waiting for her molars to come in! I've heard many horror stories from these bad boys so I hope they are as quick and as painless as you can get for everyone's sake (mainly for Keigs)!! 

See ya next time! :) 


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